Rodriguez On Superman, “John Carter” Decisions |

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Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has been astir for 30 years now, pivoting from his mini indie “El Mariachi” to a full big of films, including “Desperado,” “From Dusk til Dawn,” “The Faculty,” “Spy Kids,” “Sin City,” “Machete” and more.

For a play there, he was besides offered a full bunch of important movie blockbusters to direct, thing he didn’t ever really get astir to doing until 2019 pinch James Cameron’s long-gestating “Alita: Battle Angel” project.

His newest movie is “Hypnotic,” a reality-bending sci-fi action thriller starring Ben Affleck, Alice Braga and J.D. Pardo, which releases successful cinemas this Friday.

Speaking pinch The Discourse complete connected The Playlist whilst retired promoting nan film, nan chat turned to projects he turned down early connected successful his career.

Back successful nan 1990s, he was rumored to beryllium attached to an early type of “X-Men” and a caller “Superman,” rumors he has now changeable down and explained that he had nary liking successful those films astatine nan time:

“I was ne'er making ‘Superman,’ I was ne'er making ‘X-Men,’ but I publication early drafts, and they were early drafts. Like, they would require truthful overmuch activity to make them activity that astatine that constituent you mightiness arsenic good beryllium making your ain point that you tin control. Why americium I going to spell fig this retired for these guys? I ne'er sewage for illustration a aureate book that was for illustration nan movie that it turned retired to be, truthful it was easy not to make those.”

One task he confirms he was linked to successful nan early 2000s was “Princess of Mars,” a movie adjustment of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” caller series. That movie was yet made successful 2012 pinch Andrew Stanton helming what remains 1 of Disney’s astir costly flops, though appreciation for nan movie itself has grown pinch time.

Rodriguez says he was looking into it until different task sewage his attraction – a task that became 1 of his signature films:

“Yeah, John Carter – it was called ‘Princess of Mars’. Jon Favreau was going to do that astatine immoderate point, too. We some were into that because I emotion nan [Frank] Frazetta stuff, but past ‘Sin City’ came along, truthful correct distant I was conscionable like, ‘You cognize what? This is much my speed. I’m going to do this one.’ And nan exertion wasn’t rather there, you know. To do thing for illustration ‘Princess of Mars’ successful nan day, unless you’re Jim Cameron.”

Cameron, of course, he’s been friends pinch for decades. Rodriguez says that Cameron showed him a book curen for “Avatar” backmost successful 1995: “He was penning that stuff, and I didn’t cognize really he was going to do this stuff. He figured it retired and made exertion drawback up to him”.

Rodriguez didn’t corroborate if an “Alita” sequel was happening, saying it mostly conscionable remains a dream for now: “We’re ever holding retired dream that we tin put that together because we’d emotion to do that.”

Rodriguez besides has nan “Spy Kids: Armageddon” reboot coming successful nan second portion of this twelvemonth pinch Zachary Levi, Gina Rodriguez, Billy Magnussen and D.J. Cotrona starring.