Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Offered to Announce He and Cheryl Hines Had Separated to ‘Protect Her’ |

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offered to denote that he had separated pinch his wife, Cheryl Hines, arsenic an effort to shield her from scrutiny of his governmental statements.

In a caller question and reply with nan New York Times, Hines’ first since Kennedy announced his candidacy successful nan 2024 statesmanlike run, nan character reiterates that she supports her husband’s governmental aspirations and understands her increasing domiciled successful nan run — noting really her nationalist persona “feels different, because it feels for illustration each connection is important” and that “people are listening successful a different way.”

Hines shares that nan connection that drove Kennedy to propose nan separation announcement were his comparisons betwixt nan Holocaust and CDC leader Anthony Fauci’s efforts to vaccinate Americans against COVID.

Shortly aft criticisms arose, Hines took to Twitter and released a statement: “My husband’s opinions are not a reflection of my own. While we emotion each other, we disagree connected galore existent issues… The atrocities that millions endured during nan Holocaust should ne'er beryllium compared to anyone aliases anything. His opinions are not a reflection of my own.”” Kennedy later apologized for his remarks.

Kennedy revealed to The New York Times, really his connection impacted his wife: “I saw really it was affecting her life and I said to her, ‘We should conscionable denote that we are separated,’ truthful that you tin person immoderate region from me… We wouldn’t really beryllium doing anything, we would conscionable — I felt truthful hopeless astir protecting her astatine a clip wherever my statements and my decisions were impacting her.”

Although Hines ne'er considered that action a possibility, Kennedy revealed he had written nan news release.

This caller floor plan emerges among Kennedy’s caller bid of arguable statements, including 1 successful which he said against 5G exertion and surveillance and different suggesting “S.S.R.I.s and benzos and different drugs” are responsible for America’s ongoing weapon unit and schoolhouse shootings. In summation to nan aforementioned claims, Kennedy has publicized his anti-vaccine views for galore years. In 2016, Kennedy founded nan World Mercury Project, a nonprofit that advocates against vaccines for children.

“I spot some sides of nan vaccine situation,” Hines says successful nan caller profile. “There’s 1 broadside that feels frightened if they don’t get nan vaccine, and there’s nan broadside that feels frightened if they do get nan vaccine, because they’re not judge if nan vaccine is safe. And I understand that.”

“So if Bobby is opinionated up and saying, ‘Well, are we judge that they’re safe and each vaccine has been tested properly?’ That doesn’t look excessively overmuch to ask,” Hines continues. “That seems for illustration nan correct mobility to beryllium asking.”

While Hines believes group are entitled to “make decisions astir our assemblage pinch a doctor, not pinch a politician”, she does not corroborate aliases contradict whether her beliefs connected vaccines align pinch her husband’s stance.

“I support Bobby and I want to beryllium location for him, and I want him to consciousness loved and supported by me,” reiterates Hines.