Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Dream Cars’ Sees ‘Iron Man’ Star Using Technology to Convert His Cars to Electric — but He’s Not Trying to Be Tony Stark |

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Avid car collector Robert Downey Jr. isn’t judge really galore cars he really owns.

“About 20,” nan Marvel character said astatine nan Los Angeles premiere of his caller Max series, “Downey’s Dream Cars. “The truth that I don’t cognize nan nonstop number speaks to nan truth that I request to person much of my cars.”

“Downey’s Dream Cars” chronicles a squad of car experts who person accepted gas-powered cars into electrical vehicles. The programme was inspired by RDJ’s Footprint Coalition, his 4-year-old biology statement that useful to mitigate ambiance change.

The subject and engineering featured connected nan show whitethorn punctual viewers of Downey Jr.’s iconic activity arsenic Tony Stark successful nan MCU. In fact, suggested talking points provided by nan show’s squad for property covering nan premiere included car interiors made from recycled integrative bottles, hydrogen fuel, biodiesel technology, sustainably successful car manufacturing and Photovoltaic electricity.

However, nan character insists life is not imitating art. “Tony’s taxable was astir conspicuous depletion and his exertion successful this benignant of netherworld against enemies that are difficult to subordinate to and not applicable to our day-to-day lives,” Downey Jr. said. “The funny point is this is simply a really mini idea. This is conscionable astir doing what you tin do astatine location and pinch what you person astatine your disposal. Hopefully, immoderate group will beryllium inspired to say, ‘Maybe I don’t person to get free of this aged family car because it’s specified a state guzzler. I could moreover conscionable put a much businesslike soul combustion engine.’”

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey astatine nan MAX Original Series “Downey’s Dream Cars” Los Angeles Premiere astatine Petersen Automotive Museum connected June 16, 2023 successful Los Angeles, California. Alberto Rodriguez for Variety

Downey Jr. said his 2 favourite cars successful his postulation are a Bentley, which was a gift from Marvel, and a Porsche that his woman and show executive shaper Susan Downey gave him.

The premiere event, which included a screening of nan first section followed by a Q&A pinch Downey Jr. moderated by chap car enthusiast Dax Shepard, took spot astatine — wherever else? — nan Petersen Automobile Museum.

The first 2 episodes of “Downey’s’ Dream Cars” are disposable connected Max. Two caller episodes will debut each Thursday starring up to nan last 2 episodes connected July 6.