Robert De Niro’s Grandson Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, Who Acted in ‘A Star Is Born,’ Dies at 19 |

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Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, a grandson of Robert De Niro who besides acted successful ‘A Star Is Born, has died. He was 19.

Drena De Niro, Rodriguez’s mother and girl of Robert De Niro and his first woman Diahnne Abbott, announced her son’s decease successful a station connected Instagram Sunday. She wrote, “My beautiful saccharine angel. I person loved you beyond words aliases explanation from nan infinitesimal I felt you successful my belly. You person been my joyousness my bosom and each that was ever axenic and existent successful my life. I wish I was pinch you correct now. I wish I was pinch you. I don’t cognize really to unrecorded without you but I’ll effort to spell connected and dispersed nan emotion and ray that you truthful made maine consciousness successful getting to beryllium your mama. You were truthful profoundly loved and appreciated and I wish that emotion unsocial could person saved you . I’m truthful sorry my baby. I’m truthful sorry. Rest successful bid and eternal paradise my darling boy.”

Rodriguez and Drena De Niro played mother-son duo Paulette Stone and Leo Stone successful Bradley Cooper’s 2018 movie “A Star Is Born.” They besides appeared together successful nan 2005 movie “The Collection” and nan 2018 movie “Cabaret Maxime.”

The Hollywood organization has already responded to Rodriguez’s death, leaving comments connected Drena’s Instagram station astir her son. Actor Debi Mazar wrote, “I person nary words …I’m successful shock. I’m truthful sorry… @drenadeniro @carlosmare, I emotion you some truthful much.”

Victoria Gotti shared a heartfelt connection remembering Rodriguez, “Such a handsome prince. From nan time I first laid eyes connected you —you were 3 years aged turning 4… You were specified a playful handsome amicable and astonishing young boy who grew into an astonishing young man! A young life trim acold excessively short. Love you babe boy!!! Dearest Drena you were a GREAT ‘hands-on’ mom. It made you moreover much beautiful physically and emotionally!!! Leo SO appreciated nan LOVE you gave him and held you truthful dearly successful his heart. As I cognize you ever did nan aforesaid pinch him.”

Naomi Campbell besides shared her condolences, writing, “Drena heartbroken for you, specified a duo, I can’t ideate really you must feel, whitethorn nan lord screen you and clasp you successful his arms, astatine this very sad clip and nonaccomplishment …I emotion you, ever present for you.”