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The item successful costume creation tin specify a characteristic — particularly for Amazon Prime’s epic “The Lord of nan Rings: The Rings of Power” and its retro “Daisy Jones & nan Six.”

Whether creating costumes for oversea guards and Harfoots, “LOTR” costume designer Kate Hawley created complete 2,000 outfits for nan series. Hawley utilized bluish alternatively extensively successful stones and costumes to bespeak nan regal beingness of Morfydd Clark’s elf, Galadriel, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson’s Míriel, Queen-Regent of Númenor.

Lord of nan Rings: The Rings of Power (Costume Design) -Credit: Prime Video Prime Video

She created garments for nan nomadic Harfoots that would shield them astatine night. The thought was that, for illustration chaotic animals, they debar discovery from perceived enemies by conscionable sitting still and blending into their environment.

While she drew connected writer J.R.R. Tolkien’s books for inspiration, Hawley besides looked astatine 1920s Expressionist films and Greek armor and statues. The second influenced dwarf helmets, which travel complete pinch broadside shields for their beards.

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“Daisy Jones & nan Six” costume designer Denise Wingate needed her looks to beryllium seeped successful nan 1970s. She spent months astatine flea markets and vintage stores to build nan rock-inspired look for Daisy (Riley Keough). Wingate moreover worked pinch Love Melody, a designer who worked pinch Keough’s grandfather, Elvis Presley, connected 1 overgarment acknowledgment to a extremity from Levi’s during her hunt for vintage wear. “They said I should telephone this female who did really cool clothing from nan ’70s, and that she was nan existent deal,” Wingate says.

“She asked maine ‘Who’s successful your show?’ and I said, ‘Riley Keough.’ She goes, ‘Oh, I made jumpsuits for Elvis.’ Isn’t that crazy?” Melody made 2 coats that Keough wears arsenic Daisy: a rust-colored leather portion and a denim and leather patchwork coat. Says Wingate: “It’s a afloat circle moment, and I emotion worldly likethat.”