‘Reality’ Trailer: Sydney Sweeney Stuns as Whistleblower Reality Winner in HBO’s Riveting Docudrama | instastori.com

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The FBI has it retired for Sydney Sweeney successful nan trailer for “Reality,” Tina Satter’s gripping biopic-docudrama astir nan America intelligence whistleblower Reality Winner.

The upcoming HBO movie stars Sweeney arsenic Winner, who was imprisoned for releasing classified accusation astir Russian engagement successful nan 2016 U.S. statesmanlike election. The movie besides stars Marchánt Davis and Josh Hamilton.

“Reality” is based connected Satter’s play, “Is This a Room,” and nan FBI’s transcript of their 2017 interrogation of Winner, which took spot successful her location conscionable days anterior to her arrest.

“Truly, erstwhile I first stumbled upon nan transcript for nan interrogation conscionable done reference it I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is for illustration a movie thriller.’ I really felt that,” Satter told Variety.

Sweeney, connected nan different hand, didn’t autumn arsenic easy into nan role. She felt otherwise playing Winner than she has astir erstwhile characters. “Reality, she was already surviving and breathing pinch thoughts and memories earlier nan page was moreover written,” Sweeney said.

“I knew if I sewage nan opportunity to make a movie retired of this, I would want to nonstop it. It was this creator spark of being capable to spot and consciousness nan film. I really felt thing successful my assemblage and bones that I wanted to nonstop this film,” said Satter.

The movie debuted astatine nan Berlin Film Festival successful February to captious acclaim. In her reappraisal of nan film, Variety’s Jessica Kiang wrote, “Satter’s smart, self-aware framing ensures her movie cannot beryllium accused of Fox-like distortions and manipulations, by reminding america that everything we watch, moreover nan astir rigorous reportage, is constructed and shaped into narratives by group pinch immoderate schedule aliases other.”

The screenplay was adapted by Satter on pinch James Paul Dallas. The movie is simply a Seaview and 2 SQ FT production, produced by Noah Stahl, Brad Becker-Parton, Riva Marker and Greg Nobile. It is executive produced by Ellyn Daniels, Will O’Connor, Daniel Ginsberg, Andrew Beck, Bill Way, Elliott Whitton, Eva Maria Daniels, Philipp Engelhorn, Caitlin Gold and Tina Satter.

“Reality” is group to merchandise May 29 connected HBO.