Rauw Alejandro Shares ‘Baby Hello,’ First Single From Upcoming ‘Playa Saturno’ Album | instastori.com

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Rauw Alejandro and Argentine shaper Bizarrap person dropped a caller opus called “Baby Hello,” nan first azygous from Alejandro’s upcoming “Playa Saturno” album. The task will service arsenic a counterpart to 2022’s “Saturno” and comes while nan urbano creator is engaged touring Latin America connected a monolithic stadium tally that kicked disconnected earlier this year.

Continuing nan 90s EDM power of “Saturno,” “Baby Hello” comes conscionable 1 time aft nan merchandise of Alejandro and Bizarrap’s “BZRP Music Session #56.” The presence of “Baby Hello” was teased astatine nan extremity of nan euphony video for that way which has since generated complete 9.2 cardinal views. Alejandro joins a star-studded lineup of artists who person participated successful Bzrp Music Sessions, including Shakira, Residente, Villano Antillano, pinch nan latest being Peso Pluma.

Their caller associated way was later released connected Thursday nighttime alongside a euphony video that sees Alejandro arsenic nan peacemaker betwixt humans and extraterrestrials connected nan moon. Joining him successful nan video is Bizarapp who is sporting his accustomed guise: a brace of sunglasses and a shot cap.

In a post teasing their 2nd single, Alejandro explained that “Session #56” was for daytime listening, while “Baby Hello” was made to beryllium listened to astatine night.

The ocular was directed by Martin Seipel and El Zorro, who was besides down respective of nan videos from nan “Saturno” era. Alejandro described “Playa Saturno” arsenic a “spinoff” of his past full-length task successful an April question and reply pinch Variety. He added, “It’s a large project. I for illustration to do large worldly [and] it’s each connected to ‘Saturno’ because I’m touring that medium until nan extremity of nan twelvemonth truthful we’ll astir apt operation successful immoderate of those songs into nan setlist.”

Before his Bzrp Music Session, Alejandro and fiancé Rosalía released a associated EP successful March titled “RR” (via Columbia Records and Duars Entertainment). The three-song group included nan now-viral way “Beso,” which peaked astatine No. 52 connected Billboard’s all-genre-inclusive Hot 100 chart.