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Elon Musk’s arguable Twitter takeover successful October 2022 is facing much scrutiny aft nan Tesla CEO announced different displacement to nan societal media level this Saturday. Musk implemented a “temporary limit” connected nan magnitude of posts users tin position per day, defined by varying limits depending connected users’ subscription status.

Musk had antecedently travel nether occurrence aft acquiring Twitter for laying disconnected astir 80% of nan company’s employees, reinstating once-restricted profiles and tweeting conspiracy theories. Musk’s arguable activity of nan tract has near immoderate users successful hunt of different text-based societal media platform. 

Here are six alternatives for those considering quitting Twitter.


Bluesky was founded successful 2021 by Twitter’s erstwhile co-creator and CEO Jack Dorsey. As of now, nan tract operates connected an invite-only format, allowing users to station contented up to 300 characters long. Because nan level is much exclusive than its predecessor, it presently holds astir 180,000 users pinch a whopping 1.9 million group connected its waitlist to join. Bluesky utilizes a lucrative AT Protocol to “unlock a caller era of experimentation and invention successful societal media.” The network’s charismatic website explains that “researchers and communities will person nan expertise to jump successful to thief lick nan problems societal networks presently face, and developers will beryllium capable to research pinch galore caller forms of interaction.”


Defined arsenic a “visual speech astatine nan velocity of culture,” Spill was founded by Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown and launched successful January. Both Terrell and Brown were former Twitter employees, pinch Terrell antecedently serving arsenic Twitter’s world caput of societal and editorial anterior to Musk’s layoffs. The level intends to “cater to civilization drivers who often group caller trends yet routinely get overlooked and under-compensated,” Terrell antecedently tweeted. “Yes, we mean Black creators, queer creators, and a assortment of influential voices extracurricular nan U.S.” Ahead of its launch, Spill had astir 20,000 users connected its waitlist successful December 2022.


Mastodon, dissimilar galore of nan different Twitter alternatives, was launched measurement backmost successful 2016 and roseate to fame successful 2022. It’s defined arsenic a “social networking [platform] that’s not for sale,” created by German programmer Eugen Rochko. The cardinal quality betwixt Mastodon and Twitter is that nan erstwhile is decentralized and operated by galore independent servers. Users are capable to subordinate varying servers based connected different cardinal topics. The level has 10 cardinal registered users, making it nan most-populated tract for Twitter quitters. 


Instagram’s Twitter competitor, Threads, has yet to launch, but its imaginable is evident. Just arsenic Instagram launched Reels to compete pinch vertical video elephantine TikTok, nan Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta will soon merchandise Threads, a text-centered exertion that will rival Twitter. Executives person teased that nan biggest quality betwixt nan Meta app and Twitter is that Threads will beryllium “sanely run,” but astir accusation has been kept strictly nether wraps. 


Noam Bardin’s Post.News presents itself arsenic “a societal level for existent people, existent news and civilian conversations,” wherever users tin “access publicity from premium publishes, without subscriptions aliases ads,” hinting astatine its publisher-based format. The app launched successful November 2022, astir nan clip of Musk’s Twitter takeover, starring to astir 440,000 waitlisted users and 206,000 progressive accounts successful December 2022. On a post to nan site, Bardin stated his intentions for Post are “not to beryllium nan ‘Liberal Twitter.’” He continued connected to impulse users to “be respectful of opinions you disagree with. Our worthy arsenic citizens of a populist is measured by really we dainty group we disagree with, not nan opinions we share. Let’s make judge each group are welcome, moreover if we disagree pinch their opinions.”

T2 Social

Gabor Cselle, Sarah Oh and Michael Greer launched T2 Social successful November 2022. Cselle and Oh antecedently worked astatine Twitter, arsenic a group merchandise head and quality authorities advisor, respectively. The organization is presently successful nan early stages, defined arsenic “a spot to person nan authentic conversations we’ve ever wanted to have,” pinch a characteristic limit of 280. It initially launched pinch little than 1,000 users connected its platform, which has since expanded to astir 20,000 successful an invite-only format.