Producer Talks “God of War,” “Horizon” TV Series

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Sony Interactive Ent.

PlayStation Productions caput Asad Qizilbash says that nan upcoming TV bid based connected nan company’s acclaimed “God of War” and “Horizon: Zero Dawn” franchises will get nan aforesaid magnitude of attraction arsenic HBO’s “The Last of Us”.

Screen adaptations of video crippled properties person often struggled to beryllium successful connected a imaginative level astatine translating a video crippled mean to nan screen. The fewer live-action ones that person succeeded, for illustration nan first “Silent Hill” aliases “Mortal Kombat” films person mostly done truthful by getting nan reside correct astatine nan disbursal of various different things.

“The Last of Us” changed that, delivering a religious adjustment connected aggregate levels. Whilst location were a fistful of compromises – a bully fewer of those changes made ended up being for nan amended arsenic they were astir expanding nan world successful a measurement nan crippled couldn’t do owed to it being stuck to Joel and Ellie’s perspectives only.

In addition, those changes were each done pinch nan dense engagement of crippled creator Neil Druckmann. The extremity consequence wasn’t perfect, but it surely group a template that galore game-to-screen adaptations will nary uncertainty wish to emulate successful nan future.

That includes nan “God of War” bid astatine Amazon and nan “Horizon” bid astatine Netflix. Adapting 2 of nan company’s biggest original IPs, Qizilbash tells nan Official PlayStation Podcast (via they will adopt “The Last of Us” blueprint:

“The aforesaid attraction and look that we did pinch The Last of Us, we’re going to beryllium applying for Horizon [and] God of War. We’re gonna show nan communicative of nan crippled because we can, because it’s a show, we person nan clip to do it, we’ve sewage nan episodes to beryllium capable to do it.

We’re not trying to cram it into a two-hour movie. You’re gonna get nan communicative of nan game, but we’re going to besides find opportunities to spell wider and research different characters and do much worldbuilding that you can’t do successful nan crippled because of agency.

That’s nan breathtaking point for me, fans are going to emotion it because they’re going to spot that crippled travel to life, but besides a batch of caller things for illustration what they did pinch The Last of Us.”

The remark seems to sprout down reports that nan “Horizon” bid would beryllium a prequel arsenic specified – offering an expanded return connected nan world of nan crippled arsenic opposed to an adjustment of “Horizon Zero Dawn” itself.

Both those shows are successful early development, truthful it’s not clear erstwhile either bid will arrive. Recently Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin confirmed they are “months, not years distant from starting” accumulation connected a 2nd play of “The Last of Us”.