Pokémon developer Game Freak is partnering with Private Divison on a new action franchise

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Japanese developer Game Freak is champion known for a small franchise called Pokémon, but passim nan years it has dabbled successful different genres, for illustration nan strategy title Little Town Hero and nan rhythm-based platformer HarmoKnight. Now, nan institution is betting large connected a brand-new action escapade IP codenamed Project Bloom.

Game Freak is teaming up pinch a Take-Two Interactive publishing explanation called Private Division. You whitethorn not admit nan institution by name, but it’s been down a slew of well-regarded titles passim nan years, for illustration Outer Worlds, Kerbal Space Program, Rollerdrome and OlliOlli World, among others. As for Game Freak, last year’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus proved it could grip unfastened worlds and action-heavy gameplay. The institution says Project Bloom is simply a “bold and tonally different” IP from its anterior work.

Not overmuch is known astir nan game, different than immoderate conception creation and a short video announcing nan business betwixt nan 2 developers. Also, we won’t beryllium playing this anytime soon, arsenic nan “sweeping caller action-adventure game” isn’t slated for merchandise until Take-Two's 2026 financial year, which runs from April 1, 2025, to March 31, 2026.

It mightiness beryllium astonishing to perceive that Take-Two Interactive is publishing nan game, and not Nintendo, which has been Game Freak's partner connected Pokémon for complete 25 years. While Pokémon is co-owned by Nintendo, Game Freak is an independent developer. To that end, nary gaming console has been mentioned arsenic a location for nan forthcoming title. As nan crippled won't beryllium released for 3 years, nan location console scenery is apt to look different than it does now. At nan very least, the long-rumored followup to nan Switch should beryllium retired by then.