Pitt To Really Drive For Kosinski’s F1 Film

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“Top Gun: Maverick” took nan filming of pitchy combat to caller heights pinch a attraction connected heavy applicable and in-camera effects pinch nan actors successful nan planes and skilled pilots pulling disconnected immoderate astonishing real-life maneuvers.

That film’s head Joseph Kosinski is bringing that aforesaid attack to his upcoming Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt pinch a beardown attraction connected applicable effects. That includes getting Pitt to thrust an F1-style car.

Kosinski and shaper Jerry Bruckheimer were connected manus to talk nan task astatine an arena starring up to Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix.

The film’s actors will beryllium shooting scenes from wrong a civilization F1-like car designed by Mercedes. A mini 6K camera will beryllium installed wrong to seizure footage for nan film.

It will tally astatine F1 events from nan British GP astatine Silverstone done to nan extremity of nan 2023 season. Filming will reportedly return spot erstwhile nan circuit is owed to beryllium quiet betwixt sessions pinch nary different cars connected track.

The task itself is being pegged arsenic a belief successor to Tony Scott’s NASCAR movie “Days of Thunder” successful 1990 which starred Tom Cruise and was produced by Bruckheimer. Cruise himself has reportedly volunteered to do immoderate driving if needed.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton serves arsenic a shaper connected nan movie and is heavy assisting pinch nan script. The movie will spot Pitt playing a seasoned driver who emerges from status to compete alongside a rookie. Damson Idris co-stars.

The movie has nary title aliases merchandise day arsenic yet.

Source: Road n Track, The-Race.com