Picture Tree Intl. Adds Ulrike Kofler’s ‘Gina’ to Cannes Sales Slate (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Picture Tree Intl. has picked up world income authorities to “Gina” (working title), by Ulrike Kofler, which follows her Netflix debut “What We Wanted.”

“Gina” tells nan communicative of a 9-year-old woman longing for a location and family while having to return attraction of her younger siblings and mother, who is excessively overwhelmed to return attraction of herself, fto unsocial her children.

The film, produced by Film AG, is nan 2nd characteristic by Kofler, who is simply a long-time editor for Austrian head Marie Kreutzer. Kofler’s editing activity includes “Corsage,” which won champion movie astatine nan London Film Festival and 3 nominations for nan European Film Awards successful 2022, “The Ground Beneath My Feet” (Berlinale Competition, 2019), and Josef Hader’s “Wild Mouse” (Berlinale Competition, 2019).

Kolfer’s directorial debut “What We Wanted,” starring Elyas M’Barek and Lavinia Wilson, was sold by PTI exclusively to Netflix, and was Austria’s charismatic introduction for nan Academy Awards successful 2020.

Currently successful post-production and pinch a last title to beryllium determined, “Gina” was made pinch nan support of nan Austrian Film Institute, Austrian broadcaster ORF, nan Austrian Ministry of Culture and Kultur Niederösterreich, pinch PTI’s main executives Yuan Rothbauer and Andreas Rothbauer serving arsenic executive producers.

The movie is portion of PTI’s expanded 10th day Cannes Marché du Film lineup. Included successful nan slate is nan action sequel “Manta Manta: Legacy” by Til Schweiger, nan number 1 movie successful Germany successful its opening week pinch much than 800,000 admissions, generating much than $14.4 cardinal successful container agency to date.

Also precocious announced is Chris Kraus’ “15 Years,” starring Hannah Herzsprung (“The Reader,” “The Baader Meinhof Complex”). Herzprung started her acting profession successful Kraus’ “Four Minutes” (nominated for nan European Film Awards arsenic good arsenic nan Golden Globes) arsenic nan soft wunderkind Jenny von Loeben, and she will reprise this domiciled successful “15 Years.”

Also, successful PTI’s Cannes lineup is Žiga Virc’s drama “Shooting Blanks.” This follows his characteristic debut, “Houston We Have a Problem!,” which premiered astatine nan Tribeca and Karlovy Vary movie festivals, and was acquired by Netflix and HBO Central Europe. PTI will coming a first backstage marketplace screening of nan film, presently successful last post-production, successful Cannes.

Among nan marketplace premieres will beryllium Hans Steinbichler’s “A Whole Life,” based connected nan best-selling novel, which has been translated successful much than 40 languages. The film’s merchandise is anticipated for November successful German-speaking countries via Tobis Film.

The marketplace will besides big nan premiere of Marc Rothemund’s “Weekend Rebels,” starring Florian David Fitz. It is based connected nan existent communicative of a begetter who – done a quest to find his favourite shot nine – gets person to his 10-year-old autistic son. The movie is group for a merchandise successful Germany by Leonine connected Sept. 28.

Also screening successful Cannes is Lars Kraume’s humanities play “Measures of Men,” which tackles nan hidden truth of genocide among nan section tribes successful Namibia during nan German assemblage regime. A Berlinale Special Premiere, “Measures of Men” is connected merchandise successful German via Studiocanal Germany.

PTI will besides big Cannes Market screenings of Robert Schwentke’s “Seneca – On nan Creations of Earthquakes,” starring John Malkovich, Geraldine Chaplin, Tom Xander and Mary-Louise Parker. Following its world premiere arsenic a Berlinale Special Gala, nan movie precocious premiered astatine nan Beijing Film Festival. It takes a caller and ironic look astatine nan narration of stoic philosopher Seneca and his infamous student, nan Roman emperor Nero.

Further Marché du Film presentations see “The Chapel” by Belgian head and writer Dominique Deruddere, whose satirical drama “Everybody’s Famous!” received an Academy Award information for Best Foreign Language Film.

PTI has besides acquired world income authorities for achromatic drama “The Peacock” by Lutz Heineking Jr., and municipality fairy-tale emotion communicative “The First Snow of Summer” by Chris Raiber. Another notable Marché du Film position is nan trans-generational Austrian scary movie “Smother” by Achmed Abdel-Salam. The slate is completed pinch play play “The Chambermaid,” which has its premiere astatine nan Marché du Film.