Paul Walter Hauser Gets Frank About the Challenges of ‘Black Bird,’ Getting Sober and Why He Thought He Peaked with ‘Richard Jewell’ |

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Paul Walter Hauser has made hamburgers nan latest reddish carpet accessory.

The character has recovered himself making nan rounds lately acknowledgment to his stunning move arsenic serial slayer Larry Hall successful Apple TV Plus’ constricted bid “Black Bird,” a domiciled that has already netted him a SAG Award information and wins from nan Golden Globes and nan Critics Choice Awards. After Jamie Lee Curtis asked him to bring her a burger to nan adjacent event, Hauser showed up astatine nan Critics Choice Awards pinch a patty – only to study Curtis couldn’t be owed to COVID. He later projected to her pinch a smashburger astatine nan AARP Movies for Grownups Awards and brought 20 burgers to nan SAG Awards, wherever he handed them retired to nan likes of Adam Sandler. When Hauser’s sanction was called amongst nan nominees successful his category, he perfectly timed a blissful wound connected camera.

So erstwhile Hauser joined america arsenic a impermanent connected this week’s section of nan Variety Awards Circuit podcast, we wanted to get his sentiment connected 1 of our favourite hamburgers successful town, from nan Corner Deli – which is located wrong a state position adjacent to our offices. Listen beneath for his afloat review.

You’ll besides perceive nan character talk frankly astir nan challenges of shooting “Black Bird,” successful which he stars other Taron Egerton arsenic James Keane, a man offered a commuted condemnation if he tin extract a confession retired of Hall. Dennis Lehane, known for his bestselling mysteries, adapted Keene’s autobiographical caller “In pinch nan Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption” for nan six-part series.

Dan Doperalski for Variety

Hauser gets brutally honorable astir what he considers immoderate of his much challenging moments. The character starred successful Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” successful 2019, and worried he mightiness person peaked. “After ‘Richard Jewell,’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s each downhill from here,’” he admits. “The movie didn’t make immoderate money, you grounded nan strategy and didn’t make your money backmost and that’s it for you.”

But correct aft that, Hauser notes, “Black Bird” came his way. “The joke’s connected maine – nan existent instruction to beryllium learned is you ne'er peak. You’re ever tin of much aliases tin of happier. Sometimes ‘happier’ isn’t ‘more’ – they’re not synonyms for 1 another.”

Which is not to opportunity “Black Bird” didn’t coming its ain challenges. Hauser admits, “I was successful a acheronian spot erstwhile I was making ‘Black Bird.” The character discusses his issues pinch addiction and really it affected him and his marriage. Things culminated successful “one scary infinitesimal wherever I was successful a spot of a rage and collapsed my laptop and I had been drinking and I near nan location and didn’t show my adjunct wherever I was going.”

Fortunately, Hauser says he realized he needed to get sober and besides activity curen for his slump and anxiety. It was only arsenic he began to amended that he besides started to recognize really concerned others had been. “Dennis and a fewer group from accumulation pulled maine speech astatine different points and they were like, ‘Hey, it’s truthful bully to spot you doing well,’” he notes. “And I’m like, ‘Was I doing that bad successful your eyes?’ And they were benignant of for illustration tiptoeing, not wanting to offend me. But they were like, ‘You treated america well, but I’m not judge you treated yourself well.’”

Today, nan character is doing good – he and his woman precocious welcomed a 2nd boy and his profession is thriving. He’ll been seen successful Season 2 of Apple TV+’s “The Afterparty,” hitting nan streamer successful July. In addition, his caller film, “Americana,” successful which he stars other Sidney Sweeney, conscionable played nan SXSW Film Festival and he precocious changeable “The Instigators” pinch Casey Affleck and Matt Damon. And could his instrumentality favourite characteristic Stingray return for nan last play of “Cobra Kai”? Hauser says they haven’t reached retired yet, but he’d ever beryllium unfastened to it. “I emotion those guys,” he says.