Patrick Corcoran, National Association of Theater Owners Communications Chief, Exits After 24 Years |

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Patrick Corcoran is stepping down from nan National Association of Theatre Owners, ending a 24-year tally that astir precocious saw him service arsenic vice president and main communications serviceman of nan accumulation manufacture lobbying organization. It’s a clip of modulation astatine NATO, pinch Michael O’Leary taking complete arsenic president and CEO from John Fithian, who ran nan statement for decades.

Corcoran worked intimately pinch Fithian, helping to negociate nan group’s nationalist relations outreach. His tenure overlapped pinch tectonic changes successful nan theatrical landscape, from consolidation of awesome chains to nan emergence of streaming to a nationalist wellness situation successful COVID that led to nan closure of cinemas for months. Through it all, Corcoran, a wry, unflappable beingness labored to reason that movie theaters were not successful a decease spiral and would proceed to pull customers, conscionable arsenic they had for much than a century. He besides had to woody pinch fractious theatre owners, each while helping to motorboat NATO’s yearly accumulation business conference, CinemaCon.

Corcoran, who came from journalism, joined NATO arsenic a writer and editor of its monthly mag and yearly encyclopedia successful 1998. In 2007, he was named head of media and research, arsenic good arsenic nan organization’s California operations chief. In 2011, he was promoted to his astir caller domiciled moving communications and serving arsenic NATO’s vice president. 

“Patrick has been an integral portion of NATO’s maturation complete nan past 2 and a half decades,” said O’Leary. “He has served our statement and nan full accumulation manufacture pinch accomplishment and dedication, and we are grateful for each that he has done to thrust nan measurement NATO tells its story.  We wish him nan champion successful his adjacent chapter.” 

“It has been a tremendous privilege to service arsenic nan sound of an manufacture that I genuinely love,” Corcoran said. “I approached nan challenges and opportunities facing our manufacture nan measurement we person worked arsenic an association: pinch honesty, data, openness, and astir especially, pinch respect for nan journalists who screen our industry.”