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Once again, 10 promising board are making their measurement to Karlovy Vary Film Festival acknowledgment to European Film Promotion’s Future Frames – Generation NEXT of European Cinema initiative, fresh to burst onto nan world movie scene.

“Over nan past fewer years, we person established a reliable explanation pinch Future Frames,” says Sonja Heinen, EFP’s managing director, adding that nan goals person remained nan same: spotlighting talent, creating visibility for nan emerging directors, and helping them entree nan market.

“Being selected gives them a definite stamp of approval. They get a level to speech and experience, and are equipped pinch coaching which they tin usage later successful their career,” adds Nora Goldstein, task director.  

Polish head Agnieszka Smoczyńska, down Sundance award-winner “The Lure” and Cannes title “Silent Twins,” is this year’s mentor.

Getting entree to nan EFP web besides intends being welcomed into a “family from each parts of Europe,” says Goldstein.

“We perpetually measure what we are doing. This doesn’t mean we want Future Frames to grow, but we want it to beryllium much and much visible internationally. This year, we person a caller collaboration pinch talent agents from nan U.S. who get to meet our filmmakers.”

“We are looking for breathtaking caller voices who tin correspond European diverseness successful filmmaking. Young filmmakers who are passionate, innovative and ambitious,” Heinen says.
Kim Allamand
“Heart Fruit” (Switzerland)
Zurich University of nan Arts

Lives and useful successful Zurich. His short films person been screened astatine galore festivals including San Sebastian, Locarno and Karlovy Vary. “Heart Fruit” is an episodic short drama astir nan imperfections of semipermanent relationships and things that make them truthful difficult to sustain.

“I americium willing successful replacement ways of telling a story. I americium conscionable finishing my first experimental short ‘Bios Beneath Blind’ and preparing my first characteristic movie ‘First Days.’ ‘Heart Fruit’ was made during nan pandemic. During that time, I thought a batch astir nan group who were adjacent to maine and those acold away. Through this task we were capable to recapture what was denied to us: beingness contact, intimacy, kissing, dancing and partying.”

Christian Avilés
“Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays” (Spain)

Born successful Barcelona successful 1997, Avilés is besides a writer and composer. In his first short film, which sees British teens dreaming of yet soaking up nan sun, he delves into themes of teenage spirituality, magic and moreover suicide.

“My movie is astir nan benignant of magic and rituals that hap successful plain sight, correct earlier our very ain eyes, without anyone noticing. I’m drawn to nan occult, I would say, exploring teenage spirituality and modern ways of worship. Internet and popular civilization are awesome sources of inspiration for maine arsenic well, and thing I ever spell backmost to.”

Monika Mahútová
“Standing Still” (Slovak Republic)

Mahútová has precocious graduated aft studying directing astatine nan Academy of Performing Arts successful Bratislava, wherever she co-wrote and directed respective shorts. “Standing Still,” astir a mother and a daughter, is simply a “fragile play pinch comedic elements,” she states.

“In my shorts I usually activity refuge for nan alleged ‘black sheep.’ I americium trying to understand people, moreover though they mightiness beryllium anti-heroes successful nan eyes of society. That’s what interests maine nan astir and what connects astir of my films. In ‘Standing Still,’ I americium talking astir unwanted sacrifices and nan fearfulness of repeating nan aforesaid mistakes. It’s besides astir uncovering state and our ain spot successful nan world.”

Sophia Mocorrea
“The Kidnapping of nan Bride” (Germany)
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Currently processing first characteristic “Marriage by Abduction,” successful her Sundance awarded short – produced by Sarah Valerie Radu – Mocorrea shows a mates who person built their narration connected a instauration of equality. But their beliefs are put to nan trial erstwhile it’s clip to opportunity “I do.”

“My mother is Argentinian and my begetter German. I for illustration to research nan extremes betwixt cultures, I for illustration to analyze, mobility and deconstruct them by utilizing a captious and humorous approach. ‘The Kidnapping of nan Bride’ has served arsenic a measurement to research nan beingness of my first characteristic ‘Marriage by Abduction,’ wherever I usage nan civilization of bride theft to reside nan questions astir existent emancipation of our socialization.”

Amalie Maria Nielsen
“The Shift” (Denmark)

Copenhagen-based Nielsen likes to attraction connected characters struggling pinch nan society’s – and their ain – gender expectations. In “The Shift,” presented astatine Berlinale, Milo lives astatine a location for maladjusted girls. Its worker is nan only personification who observes their gender transition.

“I americium driven by nan request to mobility quality behaviour successful a modern mounting and willing successful our ever-changing knowing of sexuality, boundaries and intimacy. ‘The Shift’ is simply a individual story. I was raised by a azygous mother and passim my childhood, I grew attached to respective antheral figures. These relationships often near maine confused, pinch a batch of mixed feelings. At immoderate point, they would end. I ever considered them cursed.”

Inês Pedrosa e Melo
“Home, Revised” (Portugal)
Nova University Lisbon

Documentary filmmaker and editor from Lisbon, based successful San Francisco. Graduate from Stanford University’s Documentary Film & Video Production MFA program. Her movie is simply a “love missive to making cinema retired of different people’s location images,” she says.
“I effort to analyse individual, psychological dimensions of societal and humanities traumas. I for illustration to delve into archival materials, oral histories and documentary grounds to crushed nan stories I tell, and past reimagine and repurpose this grounds successful creative, meaningful and ethical ways. These days, a batch of my activity focuses connected bridging nan spread betwixt documentary and fiction, and successful making creation that cautiously walks that line.”

Giulia Regini
“Cut from nan Same Cow” (Italy)
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

In her short, Regini focuses connected Sergio, who has remained astatine location to thief his begetter tally nan family’s butcher shop. His relative decided to leave, but erstwhile he abruptly comes back, Sergio starts to judge that nan rift successful nan family still tin beryllium healed.

“One day, by complete chance, I came crossed a butcher shop wherever 2 brothers were challenging each different to trim a portion of nutrient nether nan watchful oculus of their father. I wanted to show their communicative and spent my full summertime there. Still, aft that, I decided to play pinch that reality a little. As a director, I want to proceed taking inspiration from life. I americium fascinated by nan poetics of stalking.”

Joris Tobé
“Frantic Attempts” (The Netherlands)
HKU University of nan Arts Utrecht

Interested successful exploring existent and important themes, Tobé shows a man who hopes that a play people will thief him woody pinch his chronic inability to decorativeness things he has started. “Frantic Attempts” was named champion graduation movie by Dutch movie critics.

“It’s a tragicomic travel done a coaching play for individual maturation successful which I research our never-ending hunt for control. My extremity is to make films that would consciousness fresh, that would merge accepted European arthouse pinch American, much commercialized style of filmmaking. I emotion to show stories astir our quality shortcomings and our darkest side.”

Rinaldas Tomaševičius
“-15” (Lithuania)
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater

Tomaševičius takes connected Alexei, released connected parole aft 15 years successful prison. But his consciousness of guilt keeps him from increasing person to his daughter, who has go a prostitute. “This task is astir existent experiences, feelings and emotions,” notes shaper Lineta Lasiauskaitė.

“Ten years ago, I defeated addiction, but narcotics near their mark: today, I person to usage crutches. There are different group surviving among us. Their manner aliases rules whitethorn look unacceptable, but they besides person feelings and dream of emotion and happiness. It’s only done our efforts and empathy that we tin thief those who find themselves astatine nan margins. It’s a agelong and difficult process, but these struggles tin beryllium overcome.”

Anna Wowra
“Stuck Together” (Czech Republic)

Student astatine FAMU, Polish-born Wowra is besides a postgraduate of nan Wajda School successful Warsaw. In “Stuck Together,” small-town friends observe that 1 of them has reached nan 2nd information successful a casting telephone for a modeling job, and envy soon kicks in.

“I thin to attraction connected societal and taste themes, pinch an accent connected ethical issues successful nan discourse of nan modern world. I americium based successful nan Czech Republic but I was calved and raised successful Poland. Currently, I’m moving connected my debut characteristic ‘In Good Faith,’ astir abortion crackdowns successful Poland [as seen] from nan position of a pregnant teenager. It’s a cross-genre movie based connected caller events, produced by Tomáš Pertold for Perfilm.”