Paramount+ Greenlights Season 2 of Crime Drama ‘Last King of The Cross’ (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Paramount+ Australia has greenlit a second, eight-part play of deed crime play bid “Last King of The Cross.”

Inspired by John Ibrahim’s autobiography, nan bid charts nan emergence of a poverty-stricken migrant pinch nary education, nary money, and nary prospects to Australia’s astir infamous nightclub mogul and is group successful Sydney’s decadent Kings Cross territory successful nan precocious 1980s and 1990s.

Season 2 (8 x 60′) will further research nan vulnerable world of Kings Cross, arsenic Ibrahim expands his empire into nan booming queer nightclub scene. Set against nan backdrop of nan ecstasy-fueled 2000s, nan stakes are higher than ever before, and everyone wants a portion – including John’s 2 younger brothers.

Produced by Helium, pinch Cineflix Rights arsenic exclusive worldwide distribution partner, “Last King of The Cross” has sold wide including a presale to Sky successful nan U.K., Italy, Ireland and Germany, together pinch Paramount+ successful Canada and Warner Bros. Discovery successful New Zealand, pinch much deals successful negotiations.

Helium’s Mark Fennessy said: “After nan outstanding occurrence of play 1, we are incredibly excited for ‘Last King of The Cross’ to return for an electrifying 2nd season. Bigger, bolder, and moreover much action-packed, we are eager to stock nan adjacent section of this compelling story. As is evident by nan world sales, ‘Last King of The Cross’ has been embraced globally, which has fueled Helium’s committedness to telling gripping stories connected a expansive scale, delivering immersive and powerful narratives that resonate pinch audiences astir nan world. With unforgettable characters, explosive action, and analyzable relationships, nan 2nd play goes supra and beyond successful fulfilling this committedness – taking audiences connected an exhilarating travel done a world that is sexy, dangerous, and profoundly human.”

James Durie, caput of scripted, Cineflix Rights, added: “Mark and nan Helium squad created an incredibly compelling play successful nan first play of ‘Last King of nan Cross,’ which has been a deed pinch world audiences arsenic good arsenic successful Australia. We are delighted to beryllium bringing nan adjacent shape of nan John and his relative Sam’s lives, their business empire, and analyzable narration pinch each different to fans astir nan world.”

Daniel Monaghan, elder VP, contented and programming, Paramount Australia and New Zealand, said: “Australian audiences emotion section stories and content, which is why ‘Last King of The Cross’ was nan most-watched section series. We’re thrilled to bring viewers nan adjacent instalment of this gripping story. It is titles for illustration this that make america proud to person our section commissions pinch cosmopolitan themes, compelling, propulsive storylines, world people Australian talent and high-quality accumulation values, lend to Paramount+’s upland of exclusive content, connected an world scale.”

Lincoln Younes has been nominated astatine Australia’s Logie tv awards successful nan astir celebrated character class for respective roles including “After The Verdict,” “Barons” and his portrayal of John Ibrahim successful play 1 of “Last King of The Cross.”