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Starz has released nan first trailer for “Outlander” Season 7, which will premiere June 16.

The caller season, inspired successful portion by Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” book series, will discarded nary clip getting into action, picking up connected nan harrowing events of nan Season 6 finale wherever Jamie (Sam Heugan) and Young Ian (John Bell) were racing to rescue Claire (Caitriona Balfe) earlier she was tried and wrongfully convicted for nan execution of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds).

In existent “Outlander” fashion, thing comes easy; nan trailer depicts overmuch hardship to travel for nan Frasers and those they love. The American Revolution is successful afloat plaything and nan chaos that comes pinch an emerging federation intends nan onshore they erstwhile called location is changing. Will Jamie, Claire, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), Roger (Richard Rankin) and their loved ones beryllium capable to alteration pinch it is simply a cardinal mobility this season.

“I’d hoped that Jamie would enactment distant from it, but possibly he is expected to beryllium there. Maybe he ever was,” Claire is heard saying arsenic some Jamie and Young Ian hole to conflict for nan budding United States of America.

Despite Jamie wanting to subordinate successful connected nan patriotic fight, nan Scotsman admits he’s acrophobic of what he could suffer successful nan process. “I’m not arsenic brave arsenic I was earlier you came. Not brave capable to unrecorded without you anymore,” Jamie says of Claire.

Jamie is besides faced pinch nan difficult determination of fighting alongside nan Americans, aliases arsenic nan trailer reveals, fighting alongside his son, William Ransom (Charles Vandervaart), successful nan British army.

“You’ll travel backmost to me. You ever do,” Claire is heard saying amid a montage of gloomy battlefields and a ceremonial march. The time-crossed lovers person ever been capable to travel together, pinch Heughan moreover telling Variety last year that “you tin count connected 1 thing, and that’s that Jamie’s gonna spell find Claire.”

However, adjacent nan extremity of nan trailer, Jamie presents a gem to his wife. “I’m redeeming it, should I beryllium killed,” Jamie tells her, indicating that if he dies connected nan battlefield, Claire tin recreation backmost to nan future.

Perhaps it mightiness not beryllium nan battlefield that Jamie aliases Claire should interest about, arsenic a worse destiny could befall them astatine Fraser’s Ridge. The trailer shows respective visuals of a location burning down — apt nan burning of Fraser’s Ridge, an arena Brianna sounds astir successful a early newspaper clipping that besides notes her parents dice successful nan fire.

New faces this play include Vandervaart arsenic William Ransom, Izzy Meikle-Small arsenic Rachel Hunter and Joey Phillips arsenic Denzell Hunter.

Matthew B. Roberts, Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Toni Graphia, Luke Schelhaas, Andy Harries, Jim Kohlberg, Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan executive nutrient nan series, which is produced by Tall Ship Productions, Left Bank Pictures and Story Mining & Supply Company, successful relation pinch Sony Pictures Television.

Watch nan trailer below.