Noemie Merlant, Celine Sciamma Reteam for Genre-Bending ‘The Balconettes,’ MK2 Films Bows Sales (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Noémie Merlant, nan French character of “Tár,” is reteaming pinch Celine Sciamma, who directed her successful “Portrait of a Lady connected Fire,” for her sophomore outing, “The Balconettes.”

The fantastical drama scary movie is being written by Merlant pinch nan collaboration of Céline Sciamma. MK2 Films will motorboat income astatine nan Cannes Film Market. Filming is slated to statesman this summer.

Set successful a boiling Marseille vicinity plagued by a power wave, nan movie revolves astir 3 roommates who gleefully meddle successful nan lives of their neighbors from their balcony. Until a late-night portion turns into a bloody affair. Merlant stars successful nan movie alongside Souheila Yacoub (“Dune”) and Sanda Codreanu (“Mi Iubita Mon Amour”).

Merlant, who won this year’s Cesar Award for her domiciled successful Louis Garrel’s “The Innocent,” made her characteristic debut arsenic a head pinch “Mi Iubita Mon Amour” which played astatine Cannes, successful nan Special Screenings section, successful 2021.

“When I started penning (‘The Balconettes’), I would deliberation astir really women suffer and really we usage our humour arsenic a weapon. The communicative started to return nan shape of a comedy. I wanted to create female characters that speak to maine and who lucifer those astir maine – to look astatine unit and victimisation,” explained Merlant.

She said she “wanted to push nan thought to nan utmost and observe what it provokes, bringing successful genre elements – imagination and gore. I first discovered cinema done nan Asian scary films that my sister and I would watch passim our adolescence, it has been a awesome influence.”

Fionnuala Jamison, MK2 Films’ managing director, said nan institution is “thrilled to beryllium moving pinch Noémie again aft “Portrait of a Lady connected Fire.” Penned and directed by Sciamma, nan movie starred Merland and Adele Haenel. It won champion screenplay astatine Cannes and was nominated astatine nan Golden Globes and BAFTA’s, among others.

“We instantly fell successful emotion pinch her brazenly bold and successful your look foray into genre pinch ‘The Balconettes.’ It is wildly entertaining, almost farcical astatine times, and liberating pinch a captious feminist connection astatine its heart. We can’t hold to stock nan script,” said Jamison.

“The Balconettes” besides reteams Merlant pinch Pierre Guyard at Nord-Ouest Films who had produced “Mi Iubita Mon Amour.” Céline Sciamma will service arsenic executive producer.

MK2 Films will beryllium astatine nan Cannes Film Festival pinch 9 films crossed different sections, including Justine Triet’s “Anatomy of a Fall” which is group to compete for a Palme d’Or, and Lubna Playoust’s “Room 999” which will play astatine Cannes Classics.