Nielsen Streaming Top 10: ‘Succession’ Had 50% Viewership Spike After Episode 3’s Shocking Death |

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“Succession” climbed up nan ranks successful this week’s Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10. During nan April 10-16 viewing window, nan bid saw a 50% viewership spike owed successful portion to that shocking decease that took spot successful Episode 3. This week marked nan first afloat week of readiness for nan section connected HBO Max, scoring 638 cardinal viewing minutes and landing successful No. 6 connected nan Acquired Programs chart.

According to Nielsen, “Succession” continued to tie connected a wide group of demographics from 18-64 each reasonably arsenic represented.

Taking nan apical spot connected Nielsen’s Overall floor plan is “Beef,” which besides saw a 62% jump from its opening week to 1.6 cardinal viewing minutes. The acheronian drama ended “The Night Agent’s” No. 1 run. Though, nan governmental thriller still managed to propulsion successful a beardown 1.2 cardinal viewing minutes successful its 3rd week of availability.

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