Netflix, SiriusXM Order Sex-Advice Talk Show ‘After Hours’ Hosted by Comedian Zach Noe Towers (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Netflix has picked up a sex-advice talk show from “E!’s Nightly Pop” big Zach Noe Towers arsenic its latest summation to its SiriusXM transmission Netflix Is a Joke Radio.

Airing biweekly connected Thursdays connected transmission 93 opening June 15 astatine 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, “After Hours pinch Zach Noe Towers” is described arsenic “a funny, sexy, 1 hr power show wherever nary taxable is excessively taboo and nary communicative is excessively raw…as agelong arsenic it gets a laugh.”

Per Netflix, “In each episode, Zach will bring listeners into his ain seductive escapades, invited typical guests to stock their intersexual journeys, and return calls to springiness their champion proposal connected everything from 1 nighttime stands to epic orgies to sexy souvenirs (STIs). Grounded by Zach’s signature blend of sex-positive joke and well-mannered midwestern upbringing, nan show will thief make conversations astir activity much accessible and fun.”

The guests joining Towers crossed his first batch of episodes see Billy Wayne Davis, Bob nan Drag Queen, Dave Merheje, Steph Tolev and Taylor Tomlinson.

Towers is simply a comedian and character champion known for hosting “E!’s Nightly Pop.” He’s besides appeared connected Seasons 1 and 2 of “Dating: No Filter,” and connected Season 3 of Netflix’s “Dear White People.”

“’After Hours’ is for illustration nan partner of your dreams; it’s funny, sexy, and conscionable smart capable to beryllium an absolute smash astatine nan agency vacation party,” Towers said successful a connection to Variety. “Listeners are gonna laugh, learn, and decidedly get aroused (also grossed out, scared, and possibly moreover lightly traumatized) but it’s each successful bully fun. My individual dream for nan show is that it helps make activity much conversational and little intimidating. Most of america person had intersexual experiences that scope from awesome to horrible, but don’t ever consciousness comfortable rehashing nan gnarlier experiences to moreover our closest friends. And it’s erstwhile we don’t springiness a sound to these events that activity has nan powerfulness to move into a really isolating experience. Because of that I deliberation After Hours is gonna thief a batch of group consciousness little alone. Or if you’re a activity deity pinch cleanable intelligence wellness you should still tune successful to perceive astir nan biggest d*ck Bob nan Drag Queen has ever fresh successful his mouth.”