Netflix’s Bela Bajaria Talks ‘Myth Busters’ at UCLA Law Event: ‘Algorithms Don’t Decide What We Make’ |

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Netflix main contented serviceman Bela Bajaria utilized nan level of her keynote reside Friday astatine nan UCLA Entertainment Symposium to dispel a fewer myths that persist astir nan streamer that has transformed tv viewing during nan past decade.

During an hourlong, wide-ranging Q&A pinch seasoned intermezo lawyer Ken Ziffren, Bajaria made nan forceful lawsuit that “algorithms don’t determine what we make” erstwhile it comes to really Netflix uses information to pass programming and strategical decisions.

The seasoned seasoned of CBS and NBCUniversal came down powerfully successful favour of nan all-episodes-at-once binge exemplary for episodic television, compared to nan play cadence of accepted TV.

“There is nary information to support that play is better, and it’s not a awesome user experience,” Bajaria told Ziffren, partner and co-founder of Ziffren Brittenham.

Ziffren pressed Bajaria for specifications of really Netflix oversees its monolithic yearly contented budget, and really it handles improvement and allocation for world markets.

Bajaria emphasized that Netflix’s first attraction is to make local-language contented designed to resonate pinch a circumstantial target region, and past expose those shows to a world assemblage connected its level of much than 230 cardinal subscribers. The institution has 27 contented teams dispersed astir nan world. Each squad has its ain fund and greenlight authority.

“We don’t make world shows. We make section authentic shows successful each country, and they’re connected a world platform,” Bajaria said. “And because stories tin beryllium universal, and themes tin beryllium cosmopolitan and group tin person entree for nan first time. So this will lead to shows and films from different countries, different group whitethorn find them and emotion them, and they’ll link pinch a world audience. But we really make section shows connected a world platform.”

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