Netflix’s Anticipated ’Nimona’ Heads to Annecy Animation Festival After Long Road to the Big Screen |

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“Nimona” took a twisty roadworthy to nan large screen. But now it’s fresh for its debut astatine Annecy Animation Film Festival. Pictured supra is an exclusive still from nan anticipated imagination adventure.

Based connected nan schematic caller by N.D. Stevenson, nan characteristic follows Ballister Boldheart, a knight successful a futuristic medieval world who is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. The only 1 who tin thief him beryllium his innocence is Nimona, a mischievous teen who happens to beryllium a shapeshifting animal he’s sworn to destroy.

“Nimona” started retired astatine 20th Century Fox’s animation shingle Blue Sky Studios, which optioned nan caller successful 2015. Nick Bruno and Troy Quane were brought onboard successful 2020 erstwhile imaginative guidance of nan movie changed. The movie continued accumulation apace moreover aft Disney completed its $71.9 cardinal merger pinch 20th Century Fox successful 2019.

Production continued during nan pandemic arsenic well, but past successful 2021, Disney shuttered Blue Sky.

Undaunted, nan team, led by erstwhile Blue Sky co-presidents Andrew Millstein and Robert Baird, shopped nan animatic astir town. The movie caught nan attraction of Annapurna CEO Megan Ellison, who was acquainted pinch nan movie and had been search nan project. “I deliberation anyone who has ever felt misunderstood aliases for illustration an outsider will link pinch N.D. Stevenson’s communicative for illustration I did,” she said successful property worldly for nan film. “When I watched nan storyboard reels I instantly fell successful emotion pinch it. Nothing astir it felt accepted aliases built disconnected marketplace research. It’s bold and mischievous and afloat of love. Nimona has specified a powerful voice.”

Annapurna stepped successful and signed up Millstein and Baird arsenic executive producers. They created Shapeshifter Films truthful nan squad could decorativeness “Nimona,” and subsequently joined nan company, forming Annapurna Animation.

DNEG Animation was hired successful nan outpouring of 2021 to thief pinch nan animation, becoming collaborators connected nan film.

Ellison recovered a distribution partner successful Netflix, which has been down galore innovator animated features including “Klaus,” “I Lost My Body,” “The Sea Beast,” “Wendell & Wild” and “Over nan Moon.”

The sound formed stars boasts Riz Ahmed, Chloë Grace Moretz, Eugene Lee Yang, Lorraine Toussaint, Indya Moore, Julio Torres, Frances Conroy, Beck Bennett, RuPaul Charles and Sarah Sherman.

It world premieres successful Annecy June 14, and will beryllium released connected Netflix June 30.