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Netflix this week announced six caller Korean romance titles slated for nan remainder of 2023. They are: “See You successful my 19th Life,” “King nan Land,” “Behind Your Touch,” “Destined With You,” “A Time Called You,” and “Doona!”

The titles were unveiled astatine an in-person arena called “K-romance obsession” successful Seoul. Guests were mostly K-drama influencers from astir nan Asia Pacific region and nan arena was decked retired pinch reds, pinks and immense numbers of bosom decorations. Guests were offered snack nutrient that had been featured successful earlier deed K-drama shows including “Crash Landing connected You,” “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” “Business Proposal” and “Alchemy of Souls.”

According to Netflix, betwixt 2018 to 2022, world viewership of its K-Romance titles tripled, pinch much than 90% views coming from extracurricular South Korea successful 2022 alone. Don Kang, VP of contented (Korea) said, “Our stories touch connected nan cosmopolitan aspects of life — love, heartbreak, and tenderness, while besides providing a peek into nan unsocial facets of Korean culture.”

Dubbing has played a pivotal domiciled successful nan genre’s world description . Yang Wooyeon, head of contented (Korea) said, “Listening to dialogues successful their ain languages helps K-Romance resonate much profoundly pinch viewers worldwide.”

“See You successful my 19th Life” and “King nan Land” will premiere connected June 17.


The video games marketplace successful China generated $45.5 cardinal successful gross successful 2022, including mobile, console and PC Games, according to investigation patient Niko Partners. China continues to beryllium nan largest marketplace globally pinch 32% of world mobile games gross and 33% of world PC games gross generated domestically. The marketplace will surpass $57 cardinal successful 2027 pinch an estimated 730 cardinal gamers.
“Chinese crippled companies are besides increasing internationally, and they are making bold investments astatine higher rates than ever,” said Lisa Hanson, CEO and laminitis of Niko Partners. “PC games gross generated overseas by Chinese owned companies roseate by 22% successful 2022 and is expected to turn by a 13.8% CAGR done 2027. You must get to cognize Chinese developers and publishers some successful nan home marketplace and overseas if you are superior astir nan world games industry.” 


Nine films will person their world premiere astatine nan New Zealand International Film Festival, 1 of nan largest premieres hauls nan NZIFF has seen successful respective years. Feature films pinch world premieres are Tom Sainsbury’s “Loop Track,” “Home Kills,” directed by Haydn Butler, Michael Duignan’s film “The Paragon” and New Zealand opera film “The Strangest of Angels,” directed by Rebecca Tansley.

Five documentaries person their world premiere screenings: “Ms. Information,” directed by Gwen Isaacs; John Chrisstoffels’ “Building Bridges: Bill Youren’s Vision of Peace,” Robin Greenburg’s documentary “Grant Sheehan: Light, Ghosts and Dreams”; Annie Goldson’s film “Red Mole: A Romance”; and euphony documentary “King Loser,” directed by Cushla Dillon and Andrew Moore.

Alice Englert’s “Bad Behaviour,” which premiered astatine Sundance successful January, a typical 4K restoration of Gaylene Preston’s 1993 WWII drama “Bread and Roses,” and nan filmed euphony performance, “Tiki Taane successful Session pinch CSO” round retired nan Aotearoa New Zealand films successful nan NZIFF program. The itinerant show kicks disconnected July 19 successful Auckland.