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The 50th play of “Saturday Night Live” isn’t slated to footwear disconnected until nan autumn of 2024. But that doesn’t mean NBC has to hold until past to commencement lining up sponsors.

NBCUniversal intends to commencement talking to advertisers astir nan possibilities successful nan industry’s yearly “upfront” income session, says Mark Marshall, nan company’s president of advertizing income and partnerships, successful a caller interview. NBC could commencement calling attraction to nan landmark play during its telecasts of nan 2024 Summer Olympics from Paris, he says, which intends nan media institution is eager to commencement discussing ideas soon.

TV’s “upfront,” erstwhile U.S. networks effort to waste nan bulk of their commercialized inventory, is expected to footwear into cogwheel adjacent week, erstwhile NBCU and its competitors clasp a bid of glitzy presentations for Madison Avenue. “Saturday Night Live” generated astir $74,7 cardinal dollars successful advertisement income successful 2022, according to Vivvix, a locator of advertisement spending. That fig represents a 12% dip from nan astir $85.3 cardinal “SNL” generated successful 2021.

NBC has immoderate evident candidates pinch whom to talk ideas. Apple has been nan biggest spender connected ads successful “SNL” for nan past fewer seasons, according to Vivvix. The iPhone titan, which typically hawks its Apple Music work correct aft nan first quality by nan philharmonic impermanent successful each “SNL” episode, spent $4.13 cardinal connected ads successful nan show successful 2022, according to Vivvix, compared pinch astir $5.27 cardinal successful 2021 and $7.61 cardinal successful 2020.

Other apical “SNL” sponsors see drug-maker Abbvie, which spent $2.52 cardinal connected “SNL” advertizing successful 2022, and telecom elephantine T-Mobile, which spent $2.72 cardinal connected commercials successful nan show that aforesaid year.

Some late-night observers are watching nan onset of nan 50th play to spot if it augurs immoderate alteration successful nan accumulation of nan show. Lorne Michaels, who founded “SNL” and guided it done astir each its tenure connected air, is nearing 80. That, mixed pinch immoderate of his ain caller remarks, person fueled speculation that nan programme could, astatine immoderate not-too-distant point, person different group guiding it from down nan scenes.

“I deliberation I’m committed to doing this show until its 50th anniversary, which is successful 3 years,” Michaels told CBS News successful 2021. “I’d for illustration to spot that through, and I person a emotion that’d beryllium a really bully clip to leave. But here’s nan point: I won’t want nan show ever to beryllium bad. I attraction excessively profoundly astir it. It’s been my life’s work. So, I’m gonna do everything I tin to spot it transportation connected and transportation connected well.” Months later, nan shaper appeared to alteration his mind. “I person nary plans to retire,” he told The New York Times successful 2022.