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Focus Features has released nan first charismatic trailer for “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” offering a look astatine nan latest Portokalos party.

Star Nia Vardalos returns arsenic nan screenwriter for nan 3rd movie and, for nan first time, serves arsenic nan latest entry’s director. Vardalos will lead nan movie alongside her erstwhile and returning co-stars John Corbett, Louis Mandylor, Elena Kampouris, Maria Vacratsis, Andrea Martin, Gia Carides, Joey Fatone and Lainie Kazan. A mates of caller faces person joined nan cast, including Elias Kacavas and Melina Kotselou. After Michael Constantine, who played Toula’s begetter Gus, died successful 2021, nan 3rd movie will salary tribute to nan precocious actor. 

The original “Big Fat Greek Wedding” premiered successful 2002 and became nan highest-grossing romanticist drama of each time, earning a full of $368 cardinal worldwide complete nan people of astir 1 almanac twelvemonth of play astatine nan container office. The veritable arena was followed by Vardalos earning an Academy Award information for champion original screenplay.

The first movie was based connected Vardalos’ one-woman play, which she past starred and developed into nan rom-com classic. Fotoula “Toula” Portokalos (Vardalos), a young Greek-American female falls successful emotion pinch non-Greek Ian Miller (John Corbett), pinch adamant objection from her large Greek family. Despite everything, Toula decides to wed him. As Toula and Ian navigate readying their wedding, nan 2 hilariously, and slowly, person nan Portokalos clan to judge Ian and their impending nuptials. 

More than a decade later successful 2016, Vardalos released nan sequel film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” which followed arsenic Toula learns her parents, Gus (Constantine) and Maria (Kazan), are not really joined — learning that nan leader ne'er signed nan couple’s matrimony certificate 50 years prior. This leads nan Portokalos family to scheme different wedding, but this clip successful Greece and pinch nan thief of Toula and Ian’s teenage daughter, Paris (Kampouris).

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Gary Goetzman person returned to nutrient nan 3rd film, alongside returning executive producers Paul Brooks, Scott Niemeyer and Steven Shareshian.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” premieres successful theaters connected Sept. 8, 2023. Watch nan afloat trailer below.