‘Mulan’s’ Ming-Na Wen to Narrate Annecy-Bound 2D Animation Documentary ‘Pencils Vs Pixels’ (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Ming-Na Wen, who voiced Mulan successful Disney’s animated characteristic of nan aforesaid name, is group to narrate a caller documentary titled “Pencils Vs Pixels.”

Co-directed by Bay Dariz (“Hypochondriac”) and Phil Earnest, “Pencils Vs Pixels” is simply a ceremony of 2D hand-drawn animation.

The documentary, which will person its world premiere astatine Annecy International Animation Film Festival adjacent week, will research nan Disney-led 2D animation roar of nan precocious 1980s and early 1990s which was soon eclipsed by nan dawn of machine animation. But, arsenic nan movie shows, a resurgence of 2D animation suggests location is still dream for nan medium.

The documentary features interviews pinch nan awesome and bully of nan animation world including Pete Docter (“Monsters, Inc”), John Musker (“The Little Mermaid”), Tony Bancroft (“Mulan”), Jorge R. Gutiérrez (“The Book of Life”), Seth MacFarlane (“Family Guy”), Glen Keane (“Beauty and nan Beast”), Tina Price (“Hercules”), Lorna Cook (“Spirit: Stallion of nan Cimarron”) and Kevin Smith (“Clerks: The Animated Series”) among others.

The doc is simply a collaboration betwixt Minutehand Pictures and Hideout Pictures. It is produced by animator Tom Bancroft ( “The Lion King”) and Bay Dariz and executive produced by Shannon Houchins, Noor Ahmed, Christopher Joe. Jhemma Ziegler co-produces.

The movie has been acquired by Strike Back Studios, who scheme to merchandise nan movie later this year.

“Because of my 34 years successful nan animation industry, mostly arsenic a Disney animator, I still meet group that inquire me: ‘What ever happened to 2D animation- why did it spell away?,’” says shaper Tom Bancroft. “‘Pencils Vs Pixels’ yet answers that question. Through passionate stories by artisans that made nan films that group still wealth today, this movie will springiness viewers nan never-before-told answers of what happened to nan hand-drawn artistry that is 2D animation.”

Check retired a preview below: