Motion Picture Association and and Korea Copyright Protection Partner to Quash Asia-Pacific Digital Piracy |

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The Korea Copyright Protection Agency (KCOPA) and nan Motion Picture Association (MPA), which established Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) arsenic its content-protection limb and anti-piracy coalition, signed a memorandum of knowing (MOU) connected June 28 successful a associated effort to fight integer theft successful nan Asia-Pacific region.

The agreement outlines that KCOPA and ACE will activity together to bring consciousness to intelligence spot authorities and supply actionable accusation connected integer piracy, which, while agelong an issue, has go a rampant world problem now attributed to nan ever-expanding number of subscription streaming services.

The 2 agencies will convene erstwhile a twelvemonth to speech accusation connected piracy trends, challenges and solutions, arsenic good arsenic co-host training and consciousness events to thatch attendees astir nan types advertisement wave of piracy taking spot wrong nan Asia-Pacific region.

The statement was signed by KCOPA president Jung Youl Park and Karyn Temple, elder executive VP and wide counsel for nan MPA. “Today’s MOU serves arsenic a symbolic opportunity for KCOPA and MPA/ACE to cooperate connected expanding nan web to deter and combat copyright infringement of intermezo content, not only successful nan Asia-Pacific region but besides astir nan world,” Park said. 

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“The 2 organizations scheme to proceed cooperating connected various copyright protection issues to summation synergies successful copyright enforcement done nan usage of communal networks and to support nan continued maturation of nan imaginative contented industry,” he added.

Jan van Voorn, nan MPA’s executive VP of world contented protection and caput of ACE, echoed nan dangers of contented theft. “Online piracy successful nan APAC region continues to frighten jobs, put consumers astatine consequence of malware, undermine investment, trim taxation contributions to governments and stifle creativity,” he said. “By signing this MOU pinch KCOPA, we are signaling a caller era for contented protection successful nan Asia-Pacific region.

“I americium assured that together, KCOPA and ACE will make important strides successful preventing and reducing nan distribution of pirated contented connected a location and worldwide basis, ensuring that consumers tin bask their favourite tv bid and films safely and legally.”

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