Morgan Wallen’s Winning Streak on Albums Chart Shuts Out Competition From Young Thug and Peso Pluma |

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Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing astatine a Time,” and its lead azygous “Last Night,” person now spent 11 weeks simultaneously topping nan albums and songs chart. The 36-song medium has logged a full of 15 nonconsecutive weeks astatine No. 1 while “Last Night” rules for a 13th week, surpassing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” arsenic nan third-ever medium to person topped some nan Billboard 200 and Hot 100 respectively.

“One Thing astatine a Time’s” 110,500 medium units managed to ward disconnected Young Thug’s astonishment debut of “Business Is Business,” which entered nan floor plan astatine No. 2 pinch 89,000 units and 106 cardinal streams. In nan past fewer months, Wallen has besides been challenged by K-pop champions (Twice, Jimin, Agust D, Seventeen) and stars ranging from Ed Sheeran to Melanie Martinez, Niall Horan and others. To this day, Wallen’s 2021 medium “Dangerous: The Double Album” besides remains successful nan apical 10 of nan floor plan (this week it’s astatine No. 7).

All of these wins mixed pinch Luke Combs’ caller floor plan entries — singles “Gettin’ Old,” and his latest “Fast Car,” which sits astatine No. 2 connected nan Billboard Hot 100 — are giving state euphony a large look successful 2023. The genre’s depletion has evolved steadily successful nan past 2 years powered by nan streaming habits of Gen Z and millennials, who according to a caller study conducted by Luminate, dress up 50% of nan mean listenership for Wallen, Combs and Zach Bryan.

One could reason really wide of nett state euphony has formed these past fewer years by besides watching nan caller occurrence of location Mexican euphony — besides commonly recognized arsenic Mexican people euphony aliases accepted música Mexicana. Peso Pluma’s “Génesis” clocks successful astatine No. 3 connected nan albums floor plan this week — marking nan highest charting medium ever for nan location Mexican genre — pinch 73,000 balanced medium units earned and 101 streams. As reported by Billboard, nan group is only nan 3rd location Mexican effort to deed nan apical 10 pursuing 2 sets from Eslabon Armado, some of which were released successful nan past 14 months.

The only different caller merchandise occupying nan apical 10 of nan Billboard 200 is Kelly Clarkson’s confessional “Chemistry,” which debuts astatine No. 6 pinch 53,000 balanced medium units earned and 43,000 income arsenic a complete package. Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” continues astatine No. 4 while Gunna’s “A Gift & A Curse” is astatine No. 5 and SZA’s “SOS” is astatine No. 8. Swift besides reappears successful nan No. 9 slot for “Lover” and ATEEZ’s “The World EP.2: Outlaw” falls from its No. 2 debut to No. 10 successful its 2nd week.

On nan Hot 100, nan “Barbie” movie soundtrack nabs a apical 10 introduction pinch Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie World,” with Aqua, debuting astatine No. 7. The soundtrack, which has yet to beryllium afloat released, besides features guests for illustration Charlie XCX, Karol G, Dua Lipa and more. Rema and Selena Gomez’s “Calm Down” remains astatine No. 3; Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” is astatine No. 4; Lil Durk’s “All My Life,” featuring J. Cole, is astatine No. 5 and Toosii’s “Favorite Song” is astatine No. 6.