Momoa On “Aquaman” Success, DC Future

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When it comes to nan Snyder-verse DCEU container office, no-one comes adjacent to James Wan’s “Aquaman” which pulled successful an astonishing $1.15 cardinal astatine nan world container office. People aren’t making nosy of nan orangish and green-suited food man anymore.

This twelvemonth sees nan merchandise of nan follow-up “Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom” which will now officially service arsenic nan past of nan DCEU films earlier it’s each swept speech for nan James Gunn/Peter Safran DCU films starting successful 2025.

Back successful January astatine Sundance, nan film’s prima Jason Momoa revealed that he wrote a fifty-page curen for nan sequel, which featured him among different things, “talking to nan U.N. astir what’s happening pinch nan pouring crystal caps”.

Now, successful a much caller question and reply pinch Men’s Health, Momoa says that curen mostly went retired nan model and it’s partially why he wants to get much into nan making of these movies:

“That’s nan logic why I emotion directing and creating… I don’t wanna conscionable spell like, ‘I’m acting. I’ll beryllium successful my trailer.’ I emotion being capable to pain for what I judge in. I’ve seen immoderate of nan astir shocking acting performances firsthand and watched them edited, and they were amazing.

I wish I could show you who it was. I’m like, ‘What nan f—?’ I watched this feline who had to beryllium f—— propped up. They publication nan lines to him. But this motherf—– killed it erstwhile nan edit came successful and was applauded for it. At that point, I was like, ‘Wow, this s— is made successful nan edit.'”

He says to this day, nan 2018 film’s occurrence still confuses him and he’s not judge why it caught connected nan measurement it did:

“Well, to beryllium perfectly honest, I was perfectly baffled that ‘Aquaman’ was received truthful well. I’ve done things that are astonishing that nary 1 sees and nary 1 gives a s— about. You conscionable don’t cognize successful this business. I don’t spell do things and think, ‘Oh, I’m gonna get $1 cardinal connected this one.’ I spell successful and do my champion job.

It’s not that I don’t attraction astir Aquaman; it’s a awesome character. Aquaman is astir apt nan hardest characteristic successful comic-book history. He’s made nosy of and ridiculed, but I tried to springiness it bosom and soul, and I’m proud of it successful definite ways. Do I consciousness unit for [the sequel] to do well? No. All I tin do is springiness it my all. But it’s successful a batch of different people’s hands.”

He adds to nan outlet that he’s “extremely, highly excited” astir his early pinch DC. Indeed, he has Peter Safran successful his area arsenic nan producer, and caller DC co-chief says that moreover if they opt to recast Aquaman, expect Momoa to beryllium hanging astir astatine DC successful immoderate capacity:

“I look guardant to moving pinch Jason for galore years to come. I would beryllium happy for it to beryllium successful Arthur Curry’s world, but if/when different opportunity came up, I’d find different awesome characteristic for him to create. There are fewer superhero castings that are much cleanable than Momoa arsenic Aquaman.”

“Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom” hits cinemas connected December 20th.