‘Mission: Impossible 7′ Actor Shea Whigham Was Surprised by Tom Cruise’s Death-Defying Stunts: He Really ‘Does Everything Himself’ | instastori.com

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When Shea Whigham signed connected for “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One,” he was judge he’d study that immoderate of Tom Cruise’s death-defying stunt activity progressive “smoke and mirrors.”

How incorrect he was.

“He does everything himself. He really does,” Whigham told maine astatine nan “Spider-Man: Across nan Spider-Verse” premiere.

Whigham had to get successful connected nan action excessively – though thing was arsenic drastic arsenic Cruise’s already iconic motorcycle thrust disconnected a upland successful Iceland. “I do each my ain driving successful it,” he said. “There’s nary stunt driving. We went difficult successful Rome. We besides chased Tom connected ft a batch successful Venice. I pulled muscles near and right. I’m still recovering.”

Cruise precocious told Entertainment Tonight that he insisted connected shooting nan motorcycle-mountain stunt connected time 1 of filming. “Well, we cognize either we will proceed pinch nan movie aliases we’re not. Let’s cognize time one! Let america cognize time 1 what is going to happen: Do we each proceed aliases is it a awesome rewrite?”

He continued, “I was training and I was ready. You person to beryllium razor crisp erstwhile you’re doing thing for illustration that. It was very important arsenic we were prepping nan movie that it was really nan first thing. I don’t want to driblet that and spell sprout different things and person my mind location else. Everyone was prepped. Let’s conscionable get it done.”

Co-star Vanessa Kirby recalled watching Cruise complete nan stunt erstwhile we talked astatine nan Met Gala successful May. “He did it galore times successful 1 day,” recalls Kirby. “He did it consecutively … and many times truthful he could seizure each nan different angles and sides of it.”

Cruise besides showed nary signs of being nervous. “He was conscionable truthful calm,” Kirby says. “He had nary fear. He conscionable recovered it exhilarating. That benignant of belief successful cinema and what 1 could execute and his passion for it is truthful inspiring. He benignant of believes he tin do nan impossible and past he does…I emotion being a portion of nan franchise. I’m really excited to travel back.”