Mike Batayeh, Comedian and ‘Breaking Bad’ Laundromat Manager, Dies at 52 | instastori.com

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Mike Batayeh, character and comedian known for his domiciled successful “Breaking Bad” arsenic nan head of Gus’s notorious laundromat, has died. He was 52.

Batayeh died connected June 1 of a bosom onslaught while dormant successful his Michigan home, said his family in a statement.

“It is pinch awesome sadness and dense hearts that my sisters and I denote nan passing of our beloved brother,” his family said. “He will beryllium greatly missed by those who loved him and his awesome expertise to bring laughter and joyousness to truthful many.”

Batayeh starred successful 3 episodes of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” arsenic Dennis Markowski, head of Lavanderia Brillante laundromat, which doubled arsenic a meth laboratory for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Throughout his acting career, Batayeh made appearances connected shows for illustration “It’s Always Sunny successful Philadelphia,” “Sleeper Cell,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” “Boy Meets World” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” He co-starred successful films specified arsenic Paul Weitz’s “American Dreamz,” “Don’t Mess pinch nan Zohan,” “Gas” and starred arsenic nan lead domiciled of Mike successful nan 2012 movie “Detroit Unleaded.”

In his profession arsenic a comedian, Batayeh performed and headlined astatine notable drama clubs specified arsenic New York’s Gotham and Los Angeles’ Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, nan Improv and nan Icehouse.

Batayeh became 1 of nan first American comedians to execute for section audiences successful nan Middle East. He did shows successful Dubai, wherever he filmed a typical for Showtime Arabia, arsenic good arsenic Egypt, Lebanon, Nazareth and Jordan. Batayeh was invited 2 years successful a statement by nan royal family of Jordan to execute astatine nan Amman International Comedy Festival.

Batayeh was calved successful Detroit. A ceremony of life work will beryllium heldon June 16 astatine nan Vermeulen-Sajewski Funeral Home successful Plymouth, Mich. astatine 2 p.m.