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Michael Shannon has turned nan tables connected me.

I’m expected to beryllium nan 1 conducting nan interview, but he’s much willing successful what I saw astatine Cannes. “What did I like?” he wonders. “What was worthy watching?” And to perceive his probing questions, delivered successful nan debased rumble and unvarnished strength pinch which Shannon threatens Superman successful “Man of Steel,” momentarily makes my mind spell wholly blank. What nan hellhole did I watch complete there? I negociate to conjure up a fewer films — “Zone of Interest” and “May December,” nan title of which I can’t rather drawback onto and rechristen arsenic “the Todd Haynes one.” And pinch that retired of nan measurement we’re off, pausing for a fewer minutes halfway done truthful Shannon tin show his kid to get fresh for a sleepover while he makes him thing to eat.

The taxable of our talk is “Eric Larue,” a shattering look astatine a female (Judy Greer) who is consumed pinch condolences and guilt aft her boy murders respective of his classmates. The film, which marks Shannon’s characteristic directorial debut, debuts connected June 10 astatine nan Tribeca Festival. He confesses he wasn’t really looking to make nan move down nan camera, but location was thing astir Brett Neveu’s book that hooked him.

“I wasn’t predisposed to nonstop a movie,” Shannon says. “I ever recovered it an intimidating proposition. It ever looked for illustration a nightmare — each that responsibility. Everyone needing you to motion disconnected connected everything. But erstwhile I publication nan script, I could conscionable spot it and consciousness it successful my bones. I knew I had to do it, and I worried if personification other did it, they’d conscionable screw it up.”

Shannon and Neveu knew each different from A Red Orchid Theatre, nan Chicago based institution of which they are some members. “Eric Larue” had initially been staged location successful 2002, and Neveu thought that location were ways to unfastened up nan play’s action to make it activity connected screen. He was inspired to constitute nan play because of nan decease of a puerility friend, who changeable himself aft discovering a weapon while a inferior precocious schoolhouse student.

“When I first wrote nan play, I was truthful angry,” Neveu says. “I was truthful upset that this had happened. And while that anger is still present, by nan clip I returned to it, my knowing of condolences had changed. I consciousness for illustration I was capable to fto nan anger go.”

There’s a batch to still beryllium angry about. In nan ensuing decades betwixt nan shape show and nan film, nan number of schoolhouse shootings has grown exponentially, making “Eric Larue” infuriatingly topical. I inquire Shannon if he was hoping to make a constituent astir weapon unit successful America pinch nan movie, and I tin consciousness him tense up.

“I don’t want this to beryllium immoderate benignant of bromide aliases cure each for anything,” he insists. “It’s astir group dealing pinch a unspeakable situation. I thought it was absorbing to show this communicative from nan position of nan mother of a murderer, because I don’t deliberation we’d seen that before. It’s astir a schoolhouse shooting, but it’s astir a batch of different things. It’s astir our state and what it’s for illustration to unrecorded here. If I only had 1 connection to picture what movie is about, I would opportunity it’s astir confusion.”

Shannon says that’s a authorities of mind that he shares erstwhile it comes to nan United States.

“I utilized to get very vitriolic astir my feelings astir America and opportunity incendiary things astir definite events,” he says, his sound softening. “Now, much than anything, I’m conscionable confused. I don’t cognize if I emotion aliases dislike this country. I don’t deliberation America makes immoderate sense.”

For his part, Neveu thinks that grounding nan issues of weapon unit successful a profoundly individual communicative whitethorn displacement attitudes.

“I dream it tin animate change,” he says. “I person to judge that there’s thing that tin beryllium done, and for artists, it’s important to bespeak an affectional state. And if you attack thing without judgment,  but pinch honesty, possibly that’s wherever alteration begins.”

The accumulation of “Eric Larue” was not immune from nan ferocious governmental debates that are gripping nan country. The movie was initially intended to beryllium changeable successful Little Rock, but nan filmmakers opted to move to North Carolina aft Roe v. Wade was overturned and a trigger rule successful Arkansas went into effect banning virtually each abortions, including cases of rape and incest.

“I felt powerfully that we needed to move,” says Shannon. “This insistence connected each female having a babe nary matter nan circumstances of really they sewage pregnant. And nan disinterest successful helping that personification erstwhile they are brought into nan world, it’s each very confusing. I don’t understand why you would instruction that each kid beryllium calved and not beryllium fresh aliases willing successful helping them.”

“Eric Larue” is simply a showcase for Greer, who plays a female trying to fig retired really to move connected successful an insular organization still reeling from nan carnage her boy caused. She returns to her activity successful a large container store, wherever her employer seems unhappy to person her back. She grapples pinch her failing matrimony — her hubby (Alexander Skarsgård) has grown progressively belief and disconnected from his wife. She attempts to meet pinch nan mothers of immoderate of her son’s victims. But a nagging affectional paralysis persists. It’s a awesome departure for Greer, champion known for comedic supporting turns successful “Arrested Development” and “27 Dresses.” But it’s 1 that Shannon knew she could handle, having worked pinch her connected 2017’s “Pottersville,” a Christmas drama that seems beautiful acold removed from “Eric Larue.”

“Judy is ace smart and very delicate and has this immense affectional life that’s very present,” says Shannon. “She doesn’t usually get nan opportunity to do thing for illustration this, truthful this felt agelong overdue.”

Shannon says he enjoyed nan acquisition of making “Eric Larue,” moreover though he’s “never worked harder connected anything.” He’s not sure, though, if he’s going to nonstop thing else.

“I’m benignant of funny to spot really this 1 does earlier I moreover deliberation astir doing different one,” Shannon says. “I don’t person thing successful my backmost pocket.”

Besides, Shannon’s acting paper is beautiful afloat — he’ll reprise his domiciled arsenic General Zod (the feline who did a number connected Superman) successful this summer’s “The Flash” and will reunite pinch “Take Shelter” head Jeff Nichols connected “The Bikeriders.” But 1 task that mightiness not beryllium making it to nan surface anytime soon is “McCarthy,” a play that was to spot Shannon playing demagogic U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy nether nan guidance of “The Painted Bird’s” Václav Marhoul.

“That point has conscionable stalled,” Shannon confesses. “They can’t get nan money. It’s a shame, because I really want to activity pinch Václav. This feline is simply a badass. All he wants to do is make this movie, but nan producers can’t get it together.”