Michael Shannon Admits Reprising Zod in ‘The Flash’ Wasn’t ‘Satisfying’: ‘These Multiverse Movies Are Like Somebody Playing With Action Figures’ | instastori.com

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Michael Shannon has antecedently revealed that he was “a small confused” erstwhile he received nan connection to subordinate “The Flash” successful a reprisal of his domiciled of of General Zod from “Man of Steel.” Now, nan character has revealed that those analyzable feelings weren’t precisely resolved while making nan caller DC film.

In a caller question and reply pinch Collider, Shannon sewage honorable astir nan multiverse-traversing premise of “The Flash” and his ain dissatisfaction pinch Zod’s arc successful nan film.

“I’m not going to dishonesty — it wasn’t rather satisfying for me, arsenic an actor. These multiverse movies are for illustration personification playing pinch action figures,” Shannon said. “It’s like, ‘Here’s this person. Here’s that person. And they’re fighting!’ It’s not rather nan in-depth characteristic study business that I honestly felt ‘Man of Steel’ was.”

Shannon shared that he felt that “The Flash” was “all astir Ezra [Miller].” Zod was “basically location to coming a challenge” to nan film’s star.

“I conscionable deliberation Ezra is simply a fascinating performer and actor. I can’t hold to spot this performance,” said Shannon. “It’s a immense challenge. I don’t want to springiness thing away, but what Ezra has to do successful this movie is beautiful crazy. I deliberation [they’re] up for nan task.”

After Shannon’s first disorder astir being offered to subordinate “The Flash” — aft all, his character’s cervix is snapped by Superman successful “Man of Steel” — nan character made it a privilege to get Zack Snyder’s blessing to return to play Zod. Snyder directed Shannon successful “Man of Steel” which kicked disconnected his ain DC Universe.

“I was hesitant [to travel back] because I wasn’t really happy astir what happened to Zack Snyder successful that full deal,” said Shannon. “I talked to [‘The Flash’ director] Andy Muschietti astir it, and I said, ‘Andy, look — I conscionable want to get Zack’s blessing connected this because it conscionable doesn’t consciousness correct without that.’ And Zack, to his credit, was very understanding. He gave maine his blessing, and I went to do it.”

“The Flash” debuts successful theaters connected Friday.