Mía Maestro, Quincy Isaiah and Jeff Kober Set for Marijuana Incarceration Drama, Paradigm to Launch Sales in Cannes (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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“Beneath nan Grass,” a play astir nan criminal justness strategy and marijuana incarceration rates, will deed nan marketplace astatine nan Cannes Film Festival adjacent week.

Mía Maestro, Quincy Isaiah and Jeff Kober will lead nan film, which originates accumulation adjacent period successful New Jersey. Paradigm is representing worldwide income for nan film.

“Beneath nan Grass” is group successful 2008, capturing some nan economical recession and nan “Yes We Can” summer, and follows a azygous Latina mother whose forbidden marijuana business is jeopardized erstwhile her young boy befriends nan caller neighbors, a young achromatic boy and his constabulary serviceman grandfather.

According to accumulation research, successful 2008, Latino group were 4 times much apt to beryllium arrested for marijuana possession than achromatic people, while Black group were 7 times much likely. Despite marijuana legalization successful respective states successful nan years since, nan investigation explains, apprehension rates person risen pinch group disparities still prevalent.

Conscious Contact Entertainment’s David Goldblum (“Sell/Buy/Date,” nan upcoming characteristic adjustment of “A Child Called ‘It'”) is producing nan task alongside Exit 14’s Adam Edery. The movie marks nan directorial debuts of William Bermudez and Sam Friedman, who wrote nan screenplay, pinch a communicative by Bermudez, Friedman, Goldblum and Edery.

Executive producers see Paul Blavin and Amy Blavin, arsenic good arsenic Exit 14’s Sam Silverstein and Jeremy Paczos.

Following roles successful “The Motorcycle Diaries,” “Frida” and nan “Twilight” franchise, Maestro precocious appeared successful nan Apple TV+ bid “Extrapolations” and “The Cow That Sang a Song Into nan Future,” which debuted astatine nan 2022 Sundance Film Festival. She will adjacent prima successful Oscar nominee Jose Rivera’s “Alina of Cuba,” a biopic astir Fidel Castro’s exiled girl Alina Fernandez, directed by Miguel Bardem.

Meanwhile, Isaiah is coming disconnected a breakout capacity successful HBO’s “Winning Time: The Rise of nan Lakers Dynasty,” successful which he portrays NBA fable Magic Johnson. The highly-anticipated 2nd play of nan bid is group to debut connected Max this summer.

In 2022, Kober won a Daytime Emmy for playing Cyrus Renault connected “General Hospital.” The actor’s movie and TV credits see “The Walking Dead,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Big Sky” and “Sully.” He astir precocious appeared successful nan movie “Self Reliance,” Jake Johnson’s characteristic directorial debut, which debuted astatine South by Southwest successful March.

The formed besides includes Rachel Ticotin (“Total Recall,” “The Act”), Rachel Stubington (“Shrinking”) and newcomer Elizabeth Cuzzupoli.

Maestro and Goldblum are represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment. Maestro is besides repped by Paradigm, and Goldblum by Eric Feig astatine Feig Finkel.

Kober is represented by Artists & Representatives and DiSante Frank & Company, while Isaiah is represented by CAA, Relevant and Jackoway Austen Tyerman Wertheimer Mandelbaum Morris Bernstein Trattner & Klein.