Mediawan’s Somewhere Animation, Marla Team on ‘Temtem’ Series Adaptation With Showrunner Josh Hamilton (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Temtem, nan celebrated multiplayer creature-collection game, is group for a bid adjustment pinch Josh Hamilton (“Avatar: The Last Airbender”) connected committee arsenic showrunner.

Somewhere Animation, which is portion of Mediawan Kids & Family company, and nan L.A.-based banner Marla Studios person teamed up to nutrient a comedy-adventure bid based connected nan game.

The Japanese-style game, often compared pinch Pokémon, was developed by nan Spanish workplace Crema and released successful 2020. It’s group connected the Airborne Archipelago, six colorful and divers islands, wherever humans unrecorded alongside feathery creatures called Temtem.

The series, comprising 26 half-hour episodes, will travel heroes of different cultures joining forces pinch Temtems to triumph epic battles. The show’s inspirational motto is “What makes america different makes america stronger together.”

Aimed astatine children aged 6 and above, nan show is being spearheaded by Hamilton, who notably penned nan bid “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” which received nan Kids’ Choice Award for champion animated bid successful 2008.

Speaking to Variety connected nan eve of nan Annecy festival, Arthur Colignon, shaper and laminitis of Somewhere Animation, and Jean-Julien Baronnet, Marla Studios founder, said “Temtem” will “share cardinal values pinch nan Japanese genre, specified arsenic relationship and surpassing oneself, pinch loads of humor.”

Baronnet, who antecedently led Ubisoft’s movie section and worked connected Netflix’s gaming adjustment “Rabbids Invasion,” described “Temtem” arsenic nan “new procreation of Pokémon,” which has seen “double-digit” maturation since launching. “When Temtem came retired it was instantly hugely successful. Crema was very smart successful drafting their inspiration from nan champion elements of Pokémon and adding measurement much features, for lawsuit allowing users to play pinch much than 1 avatar simultaneously,” said Baronnet, whose Marla Studios is presently processing 10 pieces of IP into scripted content.

The French shaper added that nan bid will “balance nan big, nosy and epic elements of this escapade successful a full caller and modernized universe.”

“France is nan number 1 user of Japanese contented aft its section market, truthful we’ve each been irrigated by this rich | culture, including astatine Somewhere Animation,” said Colignon. “So erstwhile we learned that Pikachu and Sacha were saying goodbye, we started reasoning astir a measurement to prosecute this way that Pokemon had opened, and that led america to meet Jean-Julien and observe Temtem.”

Colignon, who antecedently delivered nan first YouTube animation bid “Roger and His Humans” and was creator shaper of nan show “Totally Spies,” pointed retired “Temtem” has a “subtle artistic DNA pinch pastel colors and singular designs.” He said nan show will besides observe nan “global” personality of nan show, pinch modern themes to children will subordinate to.