McQuarrie Teases An ‘Outrageous’ M:I-8 |

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Whilst “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” will beryllium upon america successful a fewer weeks, its follow-up is still successful nan useful up of a planned merchandise successful Summer 2024.

Filming connected nan first portion was completed backmost successful precocious 2021, and accumulation began connected nan 2nd portion a twelvemonth agone pinch nan earlier parts of shooting taking spot successful some South Africa and location successful nan Arctic.

‘Part One’ had seen prima Tom Cruise, head Christopher McQuarrie and nan full accumulation squad commencement pinch 1 of nan film’s astir important stunt scenes first – nan motorbike jump disconnected a cliff successful Norway.

That was a deliberate choice, says McQuarrie, who adds to Empire that nan standard of nan sequel will spot group pieces that dwarf its predecessor:

“Tom and I are ever trying to get nan large s— retired of nan measurement first. South Africa was intense. The aerial series is… it’s conscionable outrageous. The point to retrieve arsenic you’re watching this monster [aka. Part One] is that different monster waits down it.”

The comments travel arsenic ‘Part Two’ has stalled accumulation owed to nan ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. The outlet claims that nan 2nd portion is astir 40% completed but nan onslaught has “stopped McQuarrie successful his tracks”.

For now, that 2nd portion remains connected way for a June 2024 release, whilst nan first hits cinemas adjacent period connected July 12th.