Mark Ruffalo to Star in Task Force Limited Series at HBO From ‘Mare of Easttown’ Creator Brad Ingelsby |

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Mark Ruffalo is group for a lead domiciled successful a caller HBO constricted bid that hails from Brad Ingelsby, Variety has learned.

The untitled bid is based connected an original thought and is said to travel “a task unit of rule enforcement officers and nan criminals they are trying to apprehend.” According to an individual pinch knowledge of nan situation, casting decisions were made anterior to nan onset of nan writers’ strike. Furthermore, accumulation connected nan bid does not yet person a commencement date.

The show marks a return to HBO for some Ingelsby and Ruffalo. Ingelsby antecedently created nan critically-acclaimed HBO constricted bid “Mare of Easttown” starring Kate Winslet. The show received 16 Emmy nominations upon its release, yet winning four. “Mare of Easttown” was produced by wiip, which will besides nutrient nan task unit series.

For Ruffalo, he antecedently starred successful nan HBO constricted bid “I Know This Much Is True” and nan HBO movie “The Normal Heart.” The second won nan Emmy for champion TV movie, while Ruffalo was besides nominated for champion character successful a miniseries aliases movie. He past played dual roles arsenic copy brothers successful “I Know This Much Is True,” for which he won nan Emmy for champion character successful a constricted bid aliases movie.

Ingelsby is nan writer and executive shaper of nan task nether his wide woody pinch HBO. Paul Lee and Mark Roybal executive nutrient for wiip. Ruffalo will executive nutrient successful summation to starring. Jeremiah Zagar will service arsenic head and executive producer. Nicole Jordan-Webber and Public Record’s Jeremy Yaches are co-executive producers. HBO will nutrient successful relation pinch wiip.

“We are perfectly thrilled to erstwhile again subordinate forces pinch Brad Ingelsby, nan superb auteur down ‘Mare of Easttown,'” said Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of programming and Head of HBO Drama Series and Films. “Brad’s boundless productivity and unrivaled expertise to captivate audiences is thing short of inspiring, and we cannot beryllium much excited to embark connected different travel together. When nan opportunity arose to partner pinch Mark connected different series, we each jumped astatine nan chance to witnesser him erstwhile again respire awesome humanity into a caller role. We are besides honored to collaborate pinch Jeremiah, an unparalleled head whose heavy knowing of ocular storytelling will only elevate this task to caller heights. The convergence of these talents is truthful exciting, and we cannot hold to stock this communicative pinch nan world.”

Ruffalo is simply a renowned movie character pinch 3 Oscar nominations to day — 1 for “The Kids Are Alright,” different for “Foxcatcher,” and yet 1 for “Spotlight.” He is besides known for his domiciled arsenic Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk successful nan Marvel Cinematic Universe. His different credits see nan “Now You See Me” films, “Shutter Island,” “Zodiac,” and “Collateral.”

He is repped by Lighthouse Management & Media, UTA, Relevant, and Keith Klevan.

Aside from “Mare of Easttown,” Ingelsby is chiefly known arsenic a movie writer. His credits see features specified arsenic “The Way Back,” “Our Friend,” “Run All Night,” and “Out of nan Furnace.” He is repped by LBI, CAA, McKuin Frankel Whitehead LLP, and ID. Zagar and Yaches are repped by WME and Granderson Des Rochers.