Mariah Angeliq Embraces Her Inner ‘Diva’ in Fresh Single Ushering Urbano Artist’s ‘New Era in My Life and Music’ |

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Mariah Angeliq wants to clear up what it genuinely intends to beryllium a “Diva” successful her caller upbeat and liberating reggaeton azygous and euphony video that sees her breaking free from nan confines of societal norms — pinch nan plaything of a shot bat. Backed by a buzzing drum beat, Angeliq debuts nan attraction way to her adjacent task — nan follow-up to her precocious released “Ricota” and “Peligrosa” — pinch nan Rockanfella-produced visual.

“This bundle is meant to make each consciousness beautiful, self-loved and empowered,” Angeliq tells Variety of her caller drawstring of releases. “This is simply a commencement of a caller era successful my life and my music.”

“Diva” comes successful anticipation of nan half-Cuban, half-Puerto Rican singer’s 2nd project, succeeding an exuberant kickstart for nan young vocalist who collapsed retired pinch “Perreito” successful 2019 and followed up pinch hers and Karol G’s monolithic power hit, “El Makinon,” successful 2021.

Angeliq is said to beryllium moving connected her debut EP nether Universal Music Latino. Her aspirations for nan set, she says, will spot her delivering a caller rotation connected nan reggaeton that launched her profession on pinch songs “that are 100% by me, [including] immoderate of nan aged R&B-leaning crap I made erstwhile I was 16. I’ve sewage a ton of occurrence euphony that I wrote connected my ain — there’s decidedly a caller activity connected nan way.”

When it comes to her career, Angeliq is fearless and maneuver astir her adjacent steps. At property 16 Angeliq recovered her digs successful nan Latin euphony circle successful her autochthonal Miami, though her philharmonic idols were feminine R&B powerhouses for illustration Mariah Carey (whom she was named after) and Keyshia Cole. She fielded deals from American labels but yet recovered her niche alongside Spanish-language hitmakers.

“I ever envisioned myself making euphony — I would visualize nan euphony videos connected my measurement to school, while I was waiting for nan autobus and I was obsessed pinch watching them connected MTV Music,” she says. “Every day, I’m conscionable uncovering myself much and much and figuring retired my sound. I want to yet modulation to doing euphony successful English. Ultimately, I don’t want to beryllium stuck connected 1 broadside much than nan different but my influences are successful some English and Spanish and nan extremity is conscionable freely beryllium arsenic myself — arsenic a bilingual artist. Be that bitch.”