Mangold Talks His Scrapped “Boba Fett” Film |

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Filmmaker James Mangold’s “Indiana Jones and nan Dial of Destiny” hits cinemas this weekend, his first officially produced characteristic astatine Lucasfilm which comes up of a “Star Wars” tentpole movie he’s doing for nan studio.

However, it isn’t nan first movie he worked connected for nan studio. Five years ago, Mangold was hired to nonstop a movie astir nan bounty huntsman Boba Fett – a task he was to co-write pinch Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”).

Mangold was reported to person taken complete that occupation aft “Fantastic Four” head Josh Trank famously exited owed to imaginative differences pinch Kinberg.

Appearing connected nan Happy Sad Confused podcast this week, Mangold confirmed he was processing ideas for nan film. When asked if it would person differed from what we sewage pinch “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” he says:

“At nan constituent I was doing it I was astir apt scaring nan s— retired of everyone. I was making overmuch much of a borderline R-rated, benignant of single-planet spaghetti Western. The world would ne'er beryllium capable to clasp Baby Yoda if I had made that. It didn’t really beryllium successful nan world I was benignant of envisioning.”

He added he was listening to Ennio Morricone “all day, each night, and typing away”. Whilst his darker attack would astir apt scare executives, it was really nan container agency nonaccomplishment of “Solo” that put nan existent fearfulness successful them:

“In a infinitesimal of firm realignment aliases immoderate happened pinch nan Han Solo movie, they conscionable abruptly decided they weren’t making pictures for illustration that, and nan opportunities successful streaming presented themselves. I’m not judge it ever would person happened. I’m not judge it was successful anyone’s plans, what I was thinking.

Mangold will get different spell astatine “Star Wars” pinch his upcoming “Dawn of nan Jedi” film, which will way nan origins of The Force and is said to beryllium inspired by Biblical epics specified arsenic “The Ten Commandments”. That movie doesn’t person a merchandise date.