Maiwenn, Director of Johnny Depp Cannes Film, Admits to Spitting on Journalist |

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Maiwenn Le Besco, nan head of Johnny Depp’s Cannes opening nighttime movie “Jeanne du Barry,” has admitted that she spit successful nan look of an investigative journalist successful February. The filmmaker confessed to nan enactment conscionable days up of nan May 16 world premiere of “Jeanne du Barry.”

The actor-director, who goes by Maiwenn, was asked connected nan French TV talkshow “Quotidien” if she could corroborate that she had assaulted Edwy Plenel, nan laminitis of Mediapart, which had published a study that respective women had accused her ex-husband, head Luc Besson, of rape. “Do I corroborate that I assaulted him? Yes,” she answered nan interviewer, according to The Telegraph.

Plenel filed a constabulary complaint connected March 7, which accused Maiwenn of aggression while he was eating successful a restaurant. The director, who was sitting by herself astatine a adjacent table, allegedly grabbed Plenel by nan hairsbreadth and spit successful his face, past near nan restaurant. Plenel was quoted successful nan title arsenic saying he was “traumatized by nan incident.”

“I’ll speak astir it erstwhile I’m ready,” Maiwenn continued connected nan talkshow. “I’m very anxious astir nan merchandise of my film.”

As for casting Depp, nan filmmaker said: “Very quickly I said, he mislaid nan first trial, he won nan second. We could opportunity it was 1 person’s connection against another. I didn’t consciousness I had nan correct to judge.”

Maiwenn, who has been a professional of nan #MeToo movement, formed Depp to play Louis XV successful nan opening nighttime movie while he was embroiled successful nan ineligible conflict pinch ex-wife Amber Heard. Maiwenn plays Jeanne du Barry, nan king’s emotion interest, whom he brought to Versailles to unrecorded adjacent him though she wasn’t calved to nan nobility. It co-stars Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, Noemie Lvovsky, Pascal Greggory, India Hair and Melvil Poupaud.

After a bid of bombshell stories astir Besson, pinch whom Maiwenn shares a daughter, prosecutors dropped nan investigation against him owed to deficiency of evidence.