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The co-founders of “Made successful Chelsea” producers Monkey are stepping down aft 23 years pinch nan company.

Sources show Variety that David Granger and Will Macdonald announced their determination to exit arsenic imaginative board of Monkey connected Friday afternoon. It’s not yet clear why they’re leaving, but it’s believed they whitethorn group up different accumulation shingle successful nan future.

Granger and Macdonald founded Monkey successful 2000 and joined Universal International Studios successful 2010 erstwhile nan institution was acquired by NBCUniversal. Since that period, Monkey has grown into a reality behemoth successful nan U.K., champion known for nan long-running unscripted show “Made successful Chelsea” — now connected Season 25 connected integer transmission E4 and besides airing connected Peacock successful nan U.S. — arsenic good arsenic “The Real Housewives of Cheshire,” which is connected Season 16 for ITVBe.

The company’s different credits see nan BBC adjustment of NBC’s “That’s My Jam,” fronted by Mo Gilligan for BBC One; “Don’t Hate The Playaz” and “The Emily Atack Show” for ITV2; “Generation Drag” for Discovery+; and wellness format “Know Your Sh!t” for Channel 4.

During twelvemonth 1 of nan pandemic successful 2020, Monkey was capable to continue producing its unchangeable of shows without a azygous shutdown, arsenic reported by Variety astatine nan time.

Before co-founding Monkey, Granger and Macdonald worked together astatine nan STV-backed Ginger. Granger served arsenic caput of TV, moving connected programs specified arsenic “TFI Friday,” while Macdonald either co-wrote aliases produced nan likes of “TFI Friday,” “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush” and “The Priory.”

Following Granger and Macdonald’s exits, managing head Helen Kruger Bratt will stay successful place, and proceed to oversee operations. Meanwhile, caller imaginative head Laura Gibson, who precocious joined from “Too Hot to Handle” shaper Talkback, will oversee nan outfit’s imaginative strategy. Kruger Bratt and Gibson will activity intimately pinch workplace Universal International Studios.

UIS president Beatrice Springborn confirmed Granger and Macdonald’s departures successful a statement to employees, seen by Variety and shared below. The executive said nan duo is “leaving Monkey well-positioned for nan future.”

In a associated statement, Granger and Macdonald said: “After overmuch thought and consideration, we person coming announced our determination to time off our positions arsenic imaginative board of Monkey. It’s been an incredibly reliable determination to opportunity goodbye to Monkey. We’ve enjoyed 23 awesome years moving alongside a ridiculously beautiful group of people. With them we’ve shared ideas, desks, studios, immoderate fancy locations – and immoderate not truthful fancy – Covid protocols, last-minute dramas and tons of laughter.”

They continued: “But much than thing we are conscionable immensely proud of nan 200 bid we’ve created and produced together astatine Monkey from Borehamwood to Hollywood and backmost again. We’ve besides been hugely fortunate to bask a awesome business pinch NBCU for complete a decade and will ever beryllium grateful for each their immense support. A large convey you to each nan networks who person commissioned america and nan astonishing talent we person been truthful fortunate to activity with.”

Kruger Bratt added: “It’s been an absolute pleasance moving pinch Will and Dave and I wish them each nan very champion successful their early endeavours. Looking ahead, nan early for Monkey is highly bright: moving intimately pinch Laura, our exceptional Monkey team, and Universal International Studios partners, we are good and genuinely primed for an breathtaking caller shape for nan business.”

Gibson said: “I want to widen my acknowledgment to David and Will for warmly welcoming maine into nan Monkey family and to congratulate them connected nan unthinkable institution they person built. I americium truthful excited astir nan early of this astonishing business and look guardant to partnering pinch Helen and nan teams astatine Monkey and Universal International Studios to creatively lead this caller chapter.”

Read UIS president Beatrice Springborn’s statement to unit below:

Hello everyone,

As you whitethorn beryllium alert David Granger and Will Macdonald person announced their determination to time off their positions arsenic Creative Directors of Monkey. David and Will founded Monkey successful 2000 and joined Universal International Studios successful 2010 erstwhile nan institution was acquired by NBCU. In that clip and together arsenic a workplace we person produced complete 120 titles including BAFTA and aggregate award-winning shows for illustration Made successful Chelsea, Don’t Hate nan Playaz, The Real Housewives of Cheshire and That’s My Jam to sanction conscionable a few.

In summation to building a compelling premium unscripted business, David and Will person besides built a awesome squad and are leaving Monkey well-positioned for nan future. Looking ahead, Managing Director Helen Kruger Bratt will activity intimately pinch me, UTAS President Toby Gorman, UIS SVP of Unscripted Ed Havard and UIS CFO & EVP Rob Howard to proceed nan company’s description .

We are besides thrilled to invited Laura Gibson who will beryllium joining Monkey arsenic Creative Director; Laura is an exceptional talent and joins america from Talkback/Fremantle wherever she created mega hits for illustration Too Hot nan Handle for Netflix.

I want to widen our sincere acknowledgment and appreciation to David and Will for their dedication successful building Monkey into nan successful accumulation institution that it is today. Please subordinate maine successful wishing them good connected their adjacent endeavour.

Should you person immoderate questions please do not hesitate to scope retired to me, your head aliases HR team.


(Pictured: “Made successful Chelsea”)