‘Lord of the Dance’ Star Michael Flatley Sets Drama Biopic In the Works With StoryFirst (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Michael Flatley, champion known arsenic nan creator and prima of Irish shape show “Lord of nan Dance,” is group to beryllium immortalized connected surface pinch a biographical play bid astir his life.

Produced by StoryFirst and tentatively titled “Dancelord,” nan bid is billed arsenic a “no holds barred biopic” which will chronicle nan highs and lows of Flatley’s colorful life.

It has been written by Micho Rutare (“Z Nation”) pinch casting group to statesman imminently. Jessica Sherman (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) is on-board arsenic casting director.

“For each transcendent infinitesimal onstage, Flatley endures grueling hours of symptom and nan loneliness of nan road,” sounds nan synopsis. “Taunted by nan media and, astatine times, doubted by everyone but his fans, Flatley bounces backmost clip and again, dancing from his bosom good into mediate property and transforming Irish creation forever.”

Flatley was calved successful Chicago where, contempt nan misgivings of his accepted Irish creation teachers, he pioneered his ain unsocial techniques that saw him emergence to world nickname pinch “Riverdance” successful 1994. But, pursuing a conflict pinch nan shape show’s producers, he was unceremoniously fired, prompting him to travel up pinch his own, caller show: “Lord of nan Dance.”

The creation extravaganza has since generated complete $1 cardinal worthy of tickets to 70 cardinal group successful 60 countries.

Rod Gunner and Peter Gerwe are group to executive nutrient “Dancelord” for StoryFirst, alongside Flatley. Ben Rosenblatt and Micho Rutare will besides exec shaper done their American Meme banner.

Gary Marenzi is handling worldwide income done Marenzi & Associates.

“I’m honored and humbled to beryllium capable to stock my communicative pinch nan world and assured that StoryFirst will present an inspirational and, hopefully, motivational connection to group everywhere,” said Flatley. “If you activity difficult and travel your dreams, past thing is impossible.”

Gunner said: ‘I’ve known Michael for galore years and it ne'er ceases to amaze maine really he consistently confronts adversity caput on, successful everything he does, immoderate nan odds, and ne'er considers imaginable defeat. The ‘Dancelord’ bid dramatically demonstrates that singular determination to his legion of fans each complete nan world, whilst illustrating his unsocial talent.”

Rosenblatt added: “We are truthful grateful that Michael Flatley, 1 of one, has put his afloat spot and religion successful america to show his compelling story. While I’ve been alert of Michael’s activity since I was a kid, I was genuinely blown distant erstwhile I learned nan behind-the-scenes communicative of really it each came to be. With Micho’s eloquent words and Rod’s acquisition and talent, I cognize that this will beryllium a typical task pinch a squad uniquely suited to convey nan principle of this unsocial man’s unthinkable journey.”