Lionsgate Investigating ‘BMF’ Producer for ‘Intimidation Tactic’ Aimed at Writers on Strike |

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“BMF” shaper Ian Woolf is nether investigation amid reports that he attempted to frighten and intimidate picketing writers successful Georgia, wherever nan 3rd play of “BMF” is presently successful production.

“We return acts of intimidation and threats of unit earnestly and analyse them thoroughly. As we proceed to investigate, we person sent location nan individual involved,” said a Lionsgate rep successful a connection to Variety.

Writer Brian Egeston elaborate nan incident connected Twitter connected Thursday, alleging that Woolf steered his SUV successful nan guidance of picketers and stopped short only feet distant from hitting nan group.

“As I marched pinch nan WGA successful a serene protest, akin to nan giants who person walked nan very streets wherever you almost committed manslaughter, you chose to—in your ain words— ‘Tried to scare you.'” Egeston wrote connected Twitter. “Mr. Woolf, this scare and intimidation maneuver reeks of German Shepards, h2o hoses, bricks and burning flesh. It reeks of nan worst benignant of hate. A dislike that continually divides america arsenic a people.”

“Mr. Woolf, your actions purveyed a heavy generational dislike for us. And that, sir, is simply a travesty for which you must beryllium held accountable. If not by your superiors and peers, past by nan group of Atlanta because nan South will person thing to opportunity astir what you did today,” he continued.

WGA onslaught skipper Gabriel Alejandro Garza joined nan conversation, adding a statement confirming nan events. “Brian and I weren’t impeding traffic. We weren’t moreover opinionated connected nan nationalist driveway that is nan entranceway to this production’s basecamp,” he wrote.

Gabriel Alejandro Garza here. I'm a WGA Strike Captain, and nan different writer opinionated adjacent to Brian erstwhile this happened. I joined Twitter jsut cognize to station this:

— GG (@GG2116921532691) June 9, 2023

“Immediately, I heard a conveyance skidding arsenic it sped into nan driveway, and turned to spot an SUV coming to a extremity — angled straight astatine maine and Brian alternatively of angled to participate nan parking lot,” Garza adds, saying that nan incident, successful which Woolf identified himself and admitted that he was trying to “scare” nan writers, was recorded.

Variety reached retired to some “BMF” showrunner Heather Zuhlke and nan WGA. Neither statement instantly responded to Variety’s petition for comment.