Lindelof Was “Asked To Leave Star Wars”

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Damon Lindelof (“Lost,” “The Leftovers,” “Watchmen”) is riding precocious connected nan occurrence of his precocious launched Peacock bid “Mrs. Davis”.

Lindelof made headlines precocious for exiting a “Star Wars” movie successful nan useful complete astatine Disney/Lucasfilm. He’s hardly nan first to travel and spell from nan franchise, but from nan sounds of it – it whitethorn not person been willingly.

In an question and reply for Esquire he was asked astir nan communicative that he was perchance joining nan “Star Wars universe. He responded:

“I was successful much than talks to subordinate nan Star Wars universe. I joined nan Star Wars beingness and was asked to time off nan Star Wars universe.”

The earlier reports indicated Lindelof was processing a task pinch Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy directing. Shortly earlier Star Wars Celebration earlier this month, Lindelof exited nan project.

It was past revealed astatine nan normal that Obaid-Chinoy will beryllium directing a movie that will spot Daisy Ridley return arsenic Rey Skywalker. This leads to nan evident mobility arsenic to what happened betwixt Lindelof and Lucasfilm and was this simply a ‘creative differences’ issue?

Rumors had Lindelof’s book featuring an aged Rey training 2 caller Jedi knights – 1 of whom was to beryllium played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Lindelof antecedently dubbed his “Star Wars” book a “true labour of love” and says it hasn’t burned him connected nan franchise whatsoever:

“Will I get backmost successful statement extracurricular nan nine and effort to get backmost successful again? Of course. This movie was nan Alpha and nan Omega, it’s nan first movie I saw successful a movie theater. I emotion each nan storytelling successful that world. And if astatine first you don’t succeed, try, effort again, aliases again, again try, arsenic Yoda would say.”

Lindelof is focused connected “Mrs. Davis” correct now which is presently airing connected Peacock.