Lil Nas X Named Crocs’ Newest Global Ambassador |

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It’s a Crocs world and we’re each conscionable surviving successful it. Following successful partnerships pinch musicians specified arsenic Sza, Diplo, Post Malone and Justin Bieber, nan iconic footwear institution has now named Lil Nas X arsenic its newest world ambassador. In grant of nan announcement, nan Grammy-winning creator besides fronts nan run for nan brand’s new postulation of level shoes.

“I’m ever each astir taking things to nan adjacent level truthful I’m ace excited to partner pinch Crocs connected this caller tallness collection,” Lil Nas said successful a statement. “These caller styles are truthful sick and I cognize everyone’s going to emotion them!”

Three caller styles person been added to nan Height Collection: nan Siren Clog, a level high-heel that comes successful pink, achromatic and white; the Siren Chain Clog, detailed pinch metallic embellishments successful a acheronian cherry colorway; and nan Mega Crush Color Dip Clog, a bold update connected nan Classic Clog, pinch a 2.4-inch lug sole and a limited-edition rainbow-ombre design.

“Lil Nas X and Crocs are nan cleanable pair, representing bold and unbridled self-expression, and welcoming everyone to genuinely travel arsenic they are,” nan marque said successful a statement.

Crocs has recovered awesome occurrence successful nan past teaming up pinch high-profile musicians and manner brands for hyped-up limited-edition collections. The footwear marque has collaborated pinch notable Crocs person Post Malone for five collections since 2018, and enjoyed a long-running business with Justin Bieber and his manner explanation Drew House done 2020. Most recently, Crocs teamed up pinch Sza for a Y2K-inspired collection, which featured denim people versions of Crocs’ Crush Clogs and Cozzzy Sandals.

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