‘Last of Us’ Season 2 Had Been Auditioning Actors With Video Game Scenes Due to Writers Strike, But Is Now on Hold (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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“The Last of Us” Season 2 is emotion nan effects of nan writers’ strike.

Casting for nan 2nd play of nan smash deed HBO bid had been underway until earlier this week erstwhile it was put connected hold, according to an individual pinch knowledge of nan production.

Prior to that, however, aggregate sources opportunity that nan casting squad was asking actors to publication sides taken straight from “The Last of Us Part II,” nan video crippled connected which nan 2nd play will beryllium based, owed to nan truth that location are nary scripts for Season 2 astatine this time. The dream is for nan play to statesman shooting successful early 2024 successful Vancouver.

The deficiency of Season 2 scripts is by nary intends surprising, arsenic bid co-creator and showrunner Craig Mazin has been spotted connected nan picket statement pinch his chap Writers Guild of America (WGA) members successful caller days. He is not presently doing immoderate penning aliases producing activity (including being progressive successful casting) connected Season 2, successful keeping pinch WGA onslaught guidelines. Likewise, Neil Druckmann, who co-created nan bid and served arsenic writer and imaginative head connected nan games, is not presently moving connected Season 2 of nan show successful immoderate capacity.

Mazin wrote nan mostly of nan nine-episode first play of “The Last of Us,” while he and Druckmann co-wrote nan bid premiere and finale. Druckmann besides solely wrote nan seventh episode, “Left Behind.” The show debuted successful January connected HBO to glowing reviews and beardown ratings. The season finale unsocial drew 8.2 cardinal viewers, breaking nan show’s ain viewership record.

It was quickly renewed for a 2nd season aft conscionable 2 episodes had aired, pinch stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey slated to return arsenic Joel and Ellie.

Numerous productions person been impacted by nan strike since it began connected May 2, pinch awesome shows for illustration “Andor” astatine Disney+ and “Stranger Things” astatine Netflix shutting down. As Variety antecedently reported, however, HBO’s “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of nan Dragon” remains successful production connected its 2nd season, arsenic does Season 2 of Amazon’s “The Lord of nan Rings: The Rings of Power.”