Kit Harington, Naomi Scott, Jeremy Irons Romance Epic ‘Eternal Return’ to Hit Cannes Market (EXCLUSIVE) |

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“Aladdin” and “Charlie’s Angels” breakout Naomi Scott will prima alongside “Game of Thrones” alum Kit Harrington and Oscar victor Jeremy Irons successful nan epic romance “Eternal Return,” Variety tin study exclusively. Village Roadshow Pictures is producing nan task and will present nan movie to buyers astatine adjacent week’s Cannes Film Festival.

“Eternal Return” follows Cass (Scott), a young female who has resigned herself to a life of affectional invulnerability until she meets Virgil (Harington), a cartographer who makes maps to imaginary places. Along pinch his partner Malcolm (Irons), a vibrant renaissance man, nan brace relentlessly attempts to recreation backmost successful clip awaken Cass to emotion again. The original characteristic is written and directed by Yaniv Raz (“Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets”).

Jillian Apfelbaum, Tristen Tuckfield, and Nic Gordon are overseeing nan task for Village Roadshow. They will nutrient alongside Scott and Jordan Spence’s New Name Entertainment. The in-house accumulation is 1 of respective that Village Roadshow, led by seasoned executive Steve Mosko, has been cooking passim nan pandemic. Though nan institution has wide marque recognition, Village Roadshow was a passive movie financier until Mosko landed astatine nan shop successful precocious 2018. Historically, it has had a manus successful older performers for illustration “Miss Congeniality” and “The Matrix” up to nan caller Joaquin Phoenix container agency juggernaut “Joker.”

With Mosko astatine helm, arsenic good arsenic lieutenants Apfelbaum and Tuckfield, VRP has focused connected dexterity and a creative-first mission. With capitalization from mostly proprietor Vine Alternative Investments, VRP tin afloat finance its projects and waste straight to nan unfastened market. They besides stay a robust co-financier.

“We want to beryllium nimble,” Mosko told Variety up of Cannes. “Despite what nan user mightiness think, this institution hand’t produced a movie for 25 years. We changeable 4 this year, and person a ton of astonishing worldly connected nan runway.”

Apfelbaum and Tuckfield person been recruiting rising and established filmmakers to research some VRP’s intelligence spot and original concepts. “We disconnected optionality to our filmmakers,” Apfelbaum added. “When nan clip comes, we tin waste straight to streamers, to studios, aliases co-finance these projects.”

The institution is already astatine activity connected a slate it calls Black Noir Cinema, a associated task pinch NBA prima Kevin Garnett meant to reinvigorate nan inclusion and magic of Black movies from nan 1970s. The first, a Pam Grier task called “Cinnamon,” is an charismatic action of this year’s Triebca Film Festival. Also connected deck: John Waters’ anticipated return to nan director’s chair pinch an adjustment of his book “Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance”; a caller installment of “Night of nan Living Dead” pinch MGM; an untitled biopic-ish task from comedian Taylor Tomlinson; and a reboot of nan Sarah Jessica Parker classical “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” VRP has besides been toying pinch its room title “Kingpin,” nan 1996 Farrelly Brothers cult classical starring Woody Harrelson.

Raz, head of “Eternal Return,” is represented by Range Media Partners. Irons is represented by CAA, Harington is represented by UTA and United Agents, and Scott is represented by CAA, M88, Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern and Narrative. Range Select will correspond nan home authorities to “Eternal Return.”