Keyshawn Johnson, Jeff Van Gundy, Jalen Rose Exit ESPN in Talent Cuts |

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More players are leaving nan section astatine ESPN.

Keyshawn Johnson, nan morning-show personality, Jeff Van Gundy, nan seasoned hoops analyst, and Jalen Rose, nan NBA-player-turned-commentator, are each exiting nan Disney sports-media giant, according to 2 group acquainted pinch nan matter, arsenic executives look for ways to prune costs astatine nan cognition arsenic its genitor corp grapples pinch seismic changes successful its business.

“Given nan existent environment, ESPN has wished it basal to place immoderate further costs savings successful nan area of public-facing commentator salaries, and that process has begun,” nan institution said successful a statement. “This workout will see a mini group of occupation cuts successful nan short-term and an ongoing attraction connected managing costs erstwhile we discuss individual statement renewals successful nan months ahead. This is an highly challenging process, involving individuals who person had tremendous effect connected our company. These difficult decisions, based much connected wide ratio than merit, will thief america meet our financial targets and guarantee early growth.”

ESPN declined to make executives disposable for comment.

Approximately 20 group are being notified Friday that they will nary longer look connected ESPN properties, according to 1 of nan group acquainted pinch nan matter, moreover if their contracts will beryllium extant for months. ESPN intends to salary these staffers retired nan afloat worth of their existent agreements though if they find jobs elsewhere, those position could beryllium renegotiated, this personification says. Others whitethorn time off ESPN successful months to travel arsenic nan institution identifies unit whose contracts it whitethorn not want to renew.

Disney has been moving to trim its ranks complete nan past respective months arsenic it contends pinch nan migration of linear TV viewers to streaming. Disney is among nan biggest spenders connected sports authorities — 1 of nan reasons for nan occurrence of ESPN complete nan decades — but will look expanding problem if it does not support an oculus connected costs, peculiarly arsenic customers to mightiness person erstwhile automatically subscribed to ESPN via cablegram aliases outer activity different method of getting their sports fix.

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