Julia Louis-Dreyfus Blasts the ‘Seinfeld Curse’ as ‘Moronic,’ ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Invented by the Media’: ‘It Made No Sense’ | instastori.com

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus said successful a caller interview pinch Rolling Stone that nan media invented nan “Seinfeld curse,” a word which was utilized to picture nan alleged deficiency of occurrence for “Seinfeld” stars Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander pursuing nan extremity of nan iconic NBC sitcom.

“I deliberation immoderate clip a task ends, it’s gutting for me,” Louis-Dreyfus said. “And that’s existent of movies and TV shows. There is simply a attraction and a camaraderie that’s very overmuch coming erstwhile you’re moving difficult connected a task that you judge in, and erstwhile nan circus leaves town, it’s a immense transition. There’s a existent emotion of sadness for me. ‘Where did each my buddies go?’ ‘Where are my friends?'”

When Rolling Stone brought up nan curse, Louis-Dreyfus added: “It was invented by nan media. They thought it was clever. You don’t request maine to beryllium it wrong, it was ridiculous! It made nary sense. I was amazed that it had legs, because it was truthful moronic. I don’t cognize really other to opportunity it!”

The curse originated aft respective of nan cast’s post-“Seinfeld” sitcoms bombed. Richards’ “The Michael Richards Show” only lasted 8 episodes connected NBC, while Alexander’s ABC sitcom “Bob Patterson” and CBS sitcom ” Listen Up!” some lasted only 1 season. Louis-Dreyfus’ NBC drama “Watching Ellie” fared conscionable a tad amended by moving for 2 seasons earlier being canceled for debased ratings.

It was nan occurrence of Louis-Dreyfus’ “The New Adventures of Old Christine” that led galore to judge nan curse had been broken. The CBS sitcom ran for 5 seasons and won Louis-Dreyfus an Emmy successful 2006. She proclaimed during her speech: “I’m not personification who really believes successful curses, but curse this, baby!” Louis-Dreyfus would spell connected to gain six much Emmys for her capacity connected HBO’s beloved governmental satire “Veep.”

“Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David has agelong blasted nan thought of a curse, erstwhile telling Esquire magazine: “Are you crazy? It’s truthful annoying to perceive thing for illustration that. There was nary curse. It’s crazy. So location were 2 TV shows attempted that didn’t work? Big deal. How galore TV shows work?…A curse? It’s truthful absurd. That’s nan astir idiotic notion.”

All episodes of “Seinfeld” are now streaming connected Netflix.