Joseph Fiennes Says Playing Michael Jackson Was the ‘Wrong Decision’ and a ‘Bad Mistake’: ‘I Asked the Broadcaster to Pull It’ |

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Joseph Fiennes expressed regret to The Observer over his determination to play Michael Jackson successful a pulled 2017 section of Sky Arts’ anthology bid “Urban Myths.” The section centered connected Jackson taking a post-9/11 roadworthy travel pinch Marlon Brando (Brian Cox) and Elizabeth Taylor (Stockard Channing). Fiennes’ casting arsenic nan euphony icon generated whitewashing backlash, and nan episode’s trailer ignited outrage complete Fiennes’ lighter tegument reside and prosthetic chemoreceptor to play Jackson.

“I deliberation group are perfectly correct to beryllium upset,” Fiennes said. “And it was a incorrect decision. Absolutely. And I’m 1 portion of that – location are producers, broadcasters, writers, directors, each progressive successful these decisions. But evidently if I’m upfront, I person go nan sound for different people. I would emotion them to beryllium astir nan array arsenic good to talk astir it. But you know, it came astatine a clip wherever location was a activity and a displacement and that was good, and it was, you know, a bad call. A bad mistake.”

Sky pulled nan section earlier its intended broadcast. The institution said successful a connection astatine nan time: “We person taken nan determination not to broadcast ‘Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon,’ a half-hour section from nan Sky Arts ‘Urban Myths’ series, successful ray of nan concerns expressed by Michael Jackson’s contiguous family. We group retired to return a lighthearted look astatine reportedly existent events and ne'er intended to origin immoderate offense.”

Amid nan controversy, Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, tweeted astir nan episode: “It honestly makes maine want to vomit.”

“And, conscionable to say, I asked nan broadcaster to propulsion it,” Fiennes now told The Observer. “And location were immoderate beautiful hefty discussions, but yet group made nan correct choice.”

Fiennes originally defended his casting, saying Jackson “definitely had an issue–a pigmentation issue–and that’s thing I do believe. He was astir apt person to my colour than his original color.”

Elsewhere successful his Observer interview, Fiennes revealed he rejected a five-picture woody from Miramax aft he was bullied by nan studio’s laminitis Harvey Weinstein. The disgraced movie shaper and convicted rapist demanded Fiennes judge nan woody aliases consequence having his profession derailed by Weinstein.

“It was a bullying maneuver that didn’t beryllium well,” Fiennes said. “The measurement he explained it was a daze to me. But I abruptly sat successful nan room very present, and happy and beardown successful myself to say, you cognize what, I’m not beholden to that. I’m stepping away.”

Did turning Weinstein down wounded his career? “I don’t deliberation it helped me,” he said. “Hurt? No, possibly not hurt. But he made it clear that he won’t support me. He’ll make a very beardown activity not to support me. I was retired of nan family. But I was very happy not to beryllium successful nan family.”

Fiennes astir precocious appeared other Jennifer Lopez successful nan Netflix action movie “The Mother,” which has since go 1 of nan streamer’s most-watched English-language movies of each time.